Please help Arizonans help kill Obamacare

Originally published at Unified Patriots.

The RINO (“Republican In Name Only”) Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and her RINO cohorts in the state legislature passed “Medicaid Expansion,” which is nothing more than implementation of Obamacare in Arizona. Despite having a Republican in the Governor’s office, and Republican majorities in the Arizona House and Senate, fifteen RINOs, and Brewer, joined with Democrats to ramrod this monstrous socialized medicine scheme into “law.”

Well, not quite. Here in Arizona, no law goes into effect until 90 days after the governor has signed the bill. If voters can organize and unite and pull together a pre-determined number of valid signatures requesting the bill be put to a referendum in the next general election, then the voters get that opportunity to approve, or nullify, the bill.

We need approximately 86,500 valid signatures to stop the implementation of Brewer’s and the Brewer RINOs’ Medicaid expansion and force a referendum on the 2014 ballot.

The Arizona Republican Party elected precinct committeemen opposed to the bill are trying to gather at least 120,000 signatures by August 15; the petitions have to be turned into the Arizona Secretary of State’s office and be verified by the September 11 deadline. Brewer and her cronies will be challenging every signature.

If you would like to help, financially or otherwise, please visit: http://urapc.org. The site has all the information you need about the sorry performance of Gov. Brewer and her Brewercare cronies and their real motivations. Follow the money.

We simply don’t have enough conservatives who have become Republican Party precinct committeemen. Yet. We’re working on it. and we conservative precinct committeemen are fighting back. An example:


Here’s a practical example of why, if you are a conservative, you ought to become a Republican Party precinct committeeman. Many hands make light work. Of the approximately 12,000 Republican PC slots state-wide, only about 6,000 are filled. Assume 5,000 are conservatives. To be safe, as noted above, we need to shoot for 120,000 signatures. Divide 5,000 into 120,000 and that means each PC would only have to gather 24 signatures. 24. Each elected PC had to gather about 10 signatures from Republican or “no party affiliation” voters in their precinct to get on the ballot in the prior primary election. That takes about an hour with a walking sheet and and map of their precinct provided by the Party. Getting 24 signatures would probably take only about two hours.

Now assume that all of the PC slots are filled, and 10,000 of the 12,000 are conservatives. To get the 120,000 signatures, each conservative PC would only have to get 12 signatures. The greatest number of signatures any of those PCs needed to get in the first place to get on the ballot to get elected was 10 signatures.

Now let’s look at Maricopa County alone. We’ve got about 3,500 PCs Republican. Let’s assume 2,500 are conservatives opposed to their core re Obamacare. If each PC got 10 signatures in their precinct, we’d have 25,000 signatures. They had to get ten or so to get elected. If each got 20, we’d have 50,000 signatures. If each got 30, we’d have 75,000 signatures.

Thank you.

Cold Warrior

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