What about U? Gonna just take it? Or do something? What will U tell Ur kids?

This may upset some of the conservative “rock stars.” I cringe in fear.

You know them. They have radio gigs. They go to CPAC and give speeches. They go to events hosted by Glenn Beck and AFP and FreedomWorks and give speeches. I’ve been there and I’ve met them. And they mean well, maybe, but my sense is they all want to do is to become celebrities and make money. No problem. If only they would use their “big microphones” to explain to their audiences HOW to become effective POLITICALLY where they live.

Yes, they sell lots of stuff.

And they write books. Boy, do they write books. “I’m a [fill in the blank] Republican and this is my story of how I overcame some sort of prejudice. Or something.”

“I’m a radio guy/girl and, golly gee whiz, I know a whole lot about politics, or something, because I was the new media guy for some obscure campaign ages ago and I ran for office one time. Or something. And, dang it, I’m on the radio preaching to the conservative choir.”

“I make videos — really important internet videos — that a lot conservatives have watched, or something, and those videos have really changed the outcomes of elections, but, of course, I can’t prove it. Or something.”

“I write really, really, really compelling blog posts, or something, to the conservative choir, and, somehow, this changes things politically. In my own mind.”

“A clipboard? Walk a precinct? Get signatures for candidates door-to-door or outside a grocery store? Break a sweat? Take a break from cocktails? Are you kidding me? Uncool. Much more cool to go to RightOnline and CPAC and rub shoulders with “conservatives” and not ask them any hard questions because maybe I won’t get invited to bloggers row next year, or something.”

And boy, do some of these “conservative activists” give speeches.

Empty speeches. Telling their audiences not ONE concrete piece of advice about how to change things where they live politically. That is: CHANGE THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTIONS. By BECOMING VOTING MEMBERS OF YOUR LOCAL PARTY COMMITTEEE.

And boy, to they ask for money.

And boy, do they blog, and blog, and blog.

Some of them even have gigs on CNN. No, wait, maybe it’s FOX.

And they talk about issues, issues, issues. And How Bad “the Republicans”Are. And some even talk about how fond they are of their leftist “colleagues.” Huh?

Unless they are willing to respond to this article, and prove it, NONE of them are actually Republicans.

Sure, they may vote Republican.

Sure, they may even be registered Republicans.

Sure, some of them maybe even ran for office and got elected as Republicans. Damn few.

But, are they actually “card carrying” members of our Party where they live?


Let them prove it.

Let’s see if they will come forward and prove, with a PDF or a link, that they actually are a member of their local Republican Party committee.

For example, John and Meghan McCain are not “card carrying” Republicans. They are not precinct committeemen in the Maricopa County Republican Party. And I can prove it from the precinct commmitteemen election results here in Maricopa County, AZ.

Sean Hannity is not a “card carrying” member of the Republican Party in New York. He’s a member of the Conservative Party. But we are all supposed to listen to, and follow, his advice on all things related to the Republican Party.

Ann Coulter? Laura Ingraham? Mark Levin? Limbaugh? Ever hear them say one word about becoming “card carrying” members of the Republican Party where each of us live? Ever wonder why they don’t say a word about this?

What about you?

When was the last time you attended your local Republican Party committee meeting?

Would like to see if EE is actually a “card carrying” member of his local Republican Party committee?

Would like to see if the rest of the Front Pagers are?

I already know that LUR is not — he’s got a valid reason not to be.

What about the rest?

When was the last time someone at Redstate suggested you become a powerful member of your local Republican Party committee? And told you how to do it? And told your about their experiences?

Besides me, who else at Redstate has given you actual, based-on-real-world-experience,” advice on how to get involved and change our Party?

Maybe you should ask them why they have not.

I’ve heard some of their excuses.

Thank you.