Should we conservatives focus on helping to GOTV?

To ask the question is to answer it.

Of course we conservatives ought to help “nudge” more of our voters to the polls.

I keep waiting for instruction from the old-timers here at RS, about all this nitty-gritty, precinct level, stuff, but those instructions never come. But I understand why. Can’t instruct about what you’ve never experienced.

So, HOW will YOU help GOTV (Get Out The Vote)? What works? What endeavors can you PROVE work?

Diaries at RS? Tweets?

Gee. Did you know that Obama is a bad guy? And that the Dems do bad things? RS will tell you this. Since the Marxist was elected. Thank you very much.

Will Diaries about that get more of the “vote 50% or less of the time in the last four primary and general elections” Republican voters to the polls?

Will all the squabbles here at RS help GOTV?

Will every RS visitor/contributor/FPer actually make a real effort to GOTV? Targeted phone calls? Targeted precinct walks? Targeted text messages? All coordinated with their candidates?

I CANNOT WAIT FOR ALL THE POSTS HERE AT RS RECOUNTING HOW RS MEMBERS AND FRONT PAGERS HELPED TO GOTV THROUGH PHONE CALLS AND/OR DOOR VISITS AND/OR OTHERWISE. That will come after Nov. 6, not before. What a great set of “best practices” and “lessons learned” that will be.

Will YOU actually go door-to-door with a “hanging bag” of voter recommendations for your fellow Republicans? To hang on their door knob? Do you know how to do this? (I did this today with my kids.)

Best way to make that happen? Well, if you have already become a voting member of our Party (called precinct committeeman in most states), you already know. If not, pick up the phone, get on the net, whatever, and figure out where you live how to get involved in helping to get out the vote and/or helping to “true the vote” (become a poll worker or poll watcher).

Can’t figure out anything more? Go to http://mittromney.com and sign up to make GOTV calls.

Are you “in” the Republican Party? No, I don’t mean have you checked the box or have asked for a Republican primary ballot (voting laws vary from state to state). No, what I want to know is what the RS FP-ers have never asked: are you “in” the Republican Party in your state? I wonder how many of the FP folks are actually “card carrying” members of the Republican Party in their respective states.


What will you do to help get out the vote?

What will you do to help “true the vote” — will you volunteer to become a poll worker or poll watcher?

What will you do in the future to become a voting member of the Party?

For liberty,