Is Chief Justice Roberts an advocate of The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy?

It seems so.

Seems he was saying in his majority opinion that it wasn’t his fault that the American people who bothered to vote in 2008 were dumb enough to elect Barack Hussein Obama and all those Democrats to the House and Senate.

And it wasn’t his fault that 4 million conservative Republicans in the 2008 general election decided to not vote for John McCain because he was not “conservative enough,” or something.

And it wasn’t his fault that about 35% of registered Republican voters couldn’t find their way to cast a ballot in 2008. (Maybe, just maybe, that had something to do with the fact that about half of the local Republican precinct committeeman slots of the Republican Party, on average, nationwide, are not filled.)

And it wasn’t his fault that 50% of the millions of NRA members aren’t registered to vote and that 50% of the half that are registered can’t seem to find their way to vote. And that it wasn’t his fault that the same statistics hold true as to evangelical Christians.

Here’s what he said:

Our permissive reading of these powers is explained inpart by a general reticence to invalidate the acts of the Nation’s elected leaders. “Proper respect for a co-ordinate branch of the government” requires that we strike down an Act of Congress only if “the lack of constitutional authority to pass [the] act in question is clearly demonstrated.” United States v. Harris, 106 U. S. 629, 635 (1883). Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences oftheir political choices.

(Bolding added.)

Good, decent, conservative Americans are searching for ideas as to what they can DO to help get more good, decent, conservative Americans to the polls this election cycle. And how to make sure that the Democrats don’t steal the election at the polling stations.

Earlier today I was on a conference call with some like-minded people about what we might be able to do to help Get Out The Vote in this election cycle. At the conclusion of the call, we all agreed to send to one another three ideas. Here are three:

1. Recruit as many more conservatives you can to whatever conservative group you belong to and then grow that group, using it as your “conservative caucus” while simultaneously adding one more group to your monthly activities: a political party. The reason, for example, the Republican Party apparatus is not “conservative enough” for most conservatives is, quite simply, because there are not enough conservatives “in” the Party as precinct committeeman. With about half of these PC slots vacant, on average, in every locale, the Party is there for the taking by conservatives, but they have to unite and organize “inside” the Party and become voting members of it. Then they can elect conservative officers and help make sure the best conservative wins the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections. I call this The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy and have collected what information I could that relates to it at my little blog: http://theprecinctproject.wordpress.com. I helped, along with Ron Robinson, American Majority create a similar site, http://precinctproject.us. By becoming PCs, you’ll get access to whatever GOTV tools your local and county Party committee may be using.

2. Recruit as many conservatives as you can to become poll watchers or poll workers. As True the Vote is encouraging. In some states this is CRITICAL because of the horrible voter registration laws. The Dems are less likely to find people to violate the voter laws if we’ve got conservatives working with them side by side at the polling places. Contact your local dept. of elections and your local Republican Party county committee to find out how you can get involved either as a paid worker, a volunteer observer, etc. Every state has unique laws re this.

3. As I said on the phone, before you act, figure out the “lay of the land” where you live. If your favored local candidates (for city, county, state and congressional races) are either sure losers or sure winners, you may want to consider getting involved with another campaign via the internet to make GOTV phone calls or other volunteer work. Many, many candidates now employ some sort of internet-based system for doing GOTV phone calls. It’s fun to make calls to people in other states!

I also recommend you encourage people to visit The Concord Project YouTube channel and watch and study the GOTV tutorial videos there. And then ACT.

Will talking about getting more voters to the polls make it happen? Will blogging about it make it happen? Will encouraging others to “do something” do it, without action on one’s own part?

I think you can answer those questions.

Many hands make light work. Let’s all do at least a little, concretely, to “nudge” more conservatives to the polls. United, organized, political action works.

I’ve seen it first hand.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.

Cold Warrior
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