So, what, concretely, will YOU (no matter who you are) DO to GOTV???

Sorry to ask such a rude question. But, seriously, what will preaching to the “conservative choir,” whether it’s among your conservative friends, or on talk radio, cause more Republican-leaning voters to actually vote?

Here’s how I explained to another PC in my district how we Got Out The Vote in our city election in my precinct and how, if the Republican candidates we supported had done the same in every precinct, they would have won:


First, we used VoterVault to find out who the Republicans were who were brand new voters and who were the 0/4, the 1/4 and the 2/4 voters. We didn’t bother with the 3/4 or 4/4 voters. Those in the first categories made up about 35% of the Republicans and we divided those up between the 8 of us PCs. Each of us had to contact only about 36 Republicans. Weadded to that the independents who always asked for a Rep. ballot in the primary. That added 6 more voters to my group. So I had to call about 42 people and distribute literature to about 35 doors. We modified the sample ballot Gary had scanned and sent around and added to it our contact info in case the voters had questions. We kept everything non-partisan and referred to Monti and Forman and Angie as the “fiscal conservatives” who would “stand up to the govt. worker unions.”

Took me 3 hours to do the work before the primary and about 2 hrs and 40 minutes for the general. Took less the second time because I was more familiar with my area of the precinct and the list was shorter, as some of the voters info on VoterVault was outdated.

In the general election we got about 60% of the Republicans to vote. The city average for all voters was 26.6%. If Foreman and Monti had done what we did in just one more precinct of similar “size” in terms of the number of Rep. voters, Monti would have won. If Foreman and Monti had done it in maybe 5 or 6 additional precincts, Foreman would have won, too.

If we can get every PC to do this in their precinct before the general election in Nov., we’ll win big.


Thank you.


In 2012, will YOU become a “voting member” of the Republican Party in your precinct?

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