Do Ron Paul supporters outnumber conservatives in Maine, Nevada and other caucus states?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

In some states, the Republican Party allows virtually anyone (who might have to sign a pledge to support Republican candidates) to attend their presidential election year caucus meetings where delegates to the state convention are elected to attend the state convention. Those delegates, in turn, then elect the delegates to the national convention (not all of them, but most of them). What has been the outcome of some of these caucuses? Well, where one group of like-minded Republicans have taken the time to read the Republican Party rules and have then united and organized and recruited as many like-minded people as possible to attend these meetings (usually held on a Saturday), and where they have thereby created a majority voting bloc, they have succeeded in electing their candidates to the delegate positions.

So what happened yesterday in Maine and then early this morning in Nevada? Because this one group, in both states, had read the rules, organized, recruited enough like-minded Republicans, and united, they succeeded in electing the overwhelming majority of delegates to the national convention for their favored presidential candidate. In addition, in Nevada, they succeeded in electing a new national committeeman and national committeewoman.

Yes, it seems in these states that allow local caucuses of Republicans (as opposed to only the precinct committeemen, as in Arizona) to elect state convention delegates, Ron Paul supporters have succeeded in doing just what the rules allow: they showed up and, with their organized and united majorities, elected enough delegates to change the Republican Party from within.

Here are links to three articles that will provide more details:

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I hope and pray more conservatives will get involved in their respective local Party committees, because I believe we greatly outnumber the Ron Paul supporters. As for now, though, it appears the Ron Paul supporters have succeeded in some states in outdoing conservatives in terms of uniting and organizing for participation in party politics inside the Republican Party — at least at the caucus meetings where the delegates to the state conventions are elected.

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P.S. An excellent resource relating to the caucus and primary systems is http://www.thegreenpapers.com/.
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