Herman Cain at CPAC 2012: pledges to use his new web site to encourage conservatives to become PCs!

LadyImpactOhio was fortunate to snag Herman Cain on his bus at CPAC 2012 for a just over six minute video interview on the following four topics, including one I particularly liked:

Advice he could offer the remaining candidates regarding what to expect from, and how to handle, the Obama Media.

Mr. Cain’s opinions as to which issues are the most critical we face as a nation because of the Obama Administration.

Mr. Cain’s strategy for making America more energy independent.

Will Mr. Cain’s new web site, www.cainconnections.com, encourage conservatives to become precinct committeemen to strengthen the Party?

Here’s the interview, which I hope you’ll watch:

It was refreshing to see Herman Cain again — he seemed relaxed and happy.

And ready for future battles. I hope and pray more conservatives will unite and organize inside our Party as — well, you know the rest.

Thank you.


In 2012, will YOU become a “voting member” of the Republican Party in your precinct?

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