It’s not hard to get involved in party politics, it matters, and it’s fun

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Here in Arizona, it’s easy to become a “voting member” of the Republican Party — a precinct committeeman. If you don’t know that the office of precinct committeeman is the “most powerful political office in the world,” go here: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com.

Saturday, January 28, 2012, I was at the Arizona Republican Party annual meeting of its state committeemen. I’m an elected precinct committeeman and an elected state committeeman (the elected precinct committeeman of each legislative district in Arizona get to elect one state committeemen for every three elected precinct committeeman in their respective district). As I was standing outside the meeting hall, our governor, Jan Brewer, drove up to enter the building. (I was standing outside handing out flyers for a “conservative slate” of officers to be elected that day — we conservatives won all but one of the positions.) As she approached me I said to her, “Way to go, Governor, way to go!” and shook her hand. My comment was an obvious reference to her “Rumble on the Tarmac” a day or two earlier when President Obamistake visited Arizona to try to take credit for Intel Corp.’s new semiconductor chip manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona.

Here are two video clips of Governor Jan Brewer addressing the State Committeemen after being introduced by Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey:

We had many good speakers, including my representative to the U.S. House, Rep. David Schweikert, who gave a great, focused, chilling speech:

Lastly, I shot video of the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s remarks. A sobering speech. He’s on the front lines. He’s “been around.” He’s investigating Obamistake.

As mentioned, all of the conservative candidates running for the officer positions won. They all won because a majority of the state committeeman, now, are conservatives. Because a majority of the precinct committeeman who elected the state committeemen are conservatives. Because conservatives Republican precinct committeemen have been recruiting other conservatives to become precinct committeemen. To fill all the vacant precinct committeeman slots where they live.

In 2008, only about 31% of the precinct committeemen slots in the Arizona Republican Party were filled (by Arizona statute, each “ballot qualified” political party gets one precinct committeeman in every precinct and one more for each additional 125 registered voters of that party in the precinct (or majority portion thereof) — some precincts have as few as three precinct committeemen, some have as many as fifteen). Three and a half years later, we’ve bumped that up to just over 50%.

Our Republican Party will become “more conservative” only when greater numbers of conservatives get off their couches and get to their local Republican Party committee meetings and become precinct committeemen. It’s not hard to do. Our Republican Party is there for the taking by we conservatives if we just unite and organize inside the Republican Party. Locally.

Do you know where your local Republican Party meets?

Don’t you want to get involved?

Thank you.

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