T.E.A 2.0: MI U.S. Senate Candidate Turning "Taxed Enough Already" into "Take Effective Action"

One Michigan conservative Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Peter Konetchy, has a strategy for both garnering real support for his campaign and for changing the MI Republican Party. And, he has made this strategy an open part of his campaign. Here’s an excerpt from his campaign web site (bolding added):

I travel the State on a regular basis and encounter much frustration regarding the GOP. For example, here in Michigan, tea party people dislike the fact that just about every elected official has endorsed a presidential candidate considered by many a RINO. The same goes for the US Senate. Rather than endorsing a candidate based on principle, the “establishment” GOP tends to endorse based on loyalty to the Party.

The ordinary, hard working, conservative, patriots in Michigan feel the GOP has forsaken them. It’s not true. We have forsaken the GOP. If we complain that our Party is no better than the Democrats, or complain about our leadership supporting “RINO” candidates, it’s our fault. Anyone can complain, but to effect change, we must take meaningful action. We must Take Effective Action… (TEA 2.0)

Get involved in Party Politics by becoming a Precinct Delegate. The leadership of our Party consists of individuals elected at the County and State Conventions. If we don’t like the leadership of the Party it’s up to us to elect people more to our liking. The only individuals able to elect our Party’s leadership are the Precinct Delegates. (known as Precinct Committeeman in other states)

Imagine if the National Republican Chairmanship was held by an individual such as Rand Paul. The GOP and associated support would drastically shift towards constitutionalists. We can do the same thing at the County and State level if constitutional conservatives simply made the effort to become Precinct Delegates. It’s not hard, there are many vacancies, and most delegates run unopposed. Just complete an “affidavit ID” from the Michigan Sec of State website, and file it with your local township clerk. It doesn’t even cost any money.

Many Precinct Delegate slots in Michigan are filled with “moderates”, which explain why our County and State GOP leadership is “moderate” at best. To change the situation, we need to fill the vacant slots with true constitutional conservatives; educate ourselves about the potential candidate’s positions; and then elect true constitutionalists to all positions within the State Party – from top down.

The County and State Parties would be transformed from an “establishment” to a “tea party” mentality. The recruitment and support of candidates to fill local, state, and federal positions would decidedly shift conservative. The tea party would no longer feel antagonistic towards the GOP, and vice-versa, but would work together towards constitutional values.

Imagine if the full support of the GOP fell behind true constitutionally conservative candidates. We’d transform the State and have a very positive effect on the nation. The vote is a tremendously powerful, yet peaceful means for change; but only Precinct Delegates have this power to shape the Party. Become a Precinct Delegate and make a difference. Get started now by clicking on this URL http://www.michigan.gov/documents/Aff-ID_Precnt_139901_7.pdf

You may read the rest here: http://www.peterkonetchy.com/?page_id=744

“Take Effective Action (TEA 2.0).” I like that.

Thank you.


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