A glimpse into Party politics. And, will you be voting for your national convention delegates?

Well, Redstaters, with all the talk of the possibility of a brokered Republican Party presidential nomination convention, which of you plan to become a delegate to the national convention?

I really want to know. Are you going to try to become a delegate? If so, please comment about it.

Or plan to help elect conservatives to those delegate slots? Again, I really want to know. If you are planning to become a “delegate voter,” please share in the comments HOW that happens for you in your state.

More re that below.

But, first, here’s a glimpse into what grass roots, precinct-level Republican Party politics looks like in Tempe, Arizona, “Goldwater Country,” and the home of Arizona State University. Yes, these are the political “shock troops” trying to make sure that our elected public servants are conservative and not liberal. I know most of these precinct committeemen. Some of them are over eighty years old. Most are over fifty.

And I love every one of them.

Watch the videos below and ask yourself if you’ve been to your local Republican Party committee meeting.


It was a potluck. A “Christmas celebration” more than a formal meeting. We invited a neighboring Legislative District committee so we could “cross-pollinate.” The first video clip is just a pan of the group to give you an idea of the kind of people who become precinct committeemen — at least two attendees tonight were brand new appointed precinct committeemen. One was a young lawyer, the other was a woman in her seventies.

The second video shows an award being given to a husband and wife PC team, David and Alica Hawker (both retired — and should be enjoying their retirement but there are not enough younger people in the Party) — who gathered the most signatures, over 500, for ballot access for the two candidates flanking them — Dick Forman for Tempe City Council and Michael Monti for Tempe Mayor. Both candidates are “faux Conservatives” but far better than what we’ve got in those positions now. And Don and Alicia, the precinct committeemen and signature gatherers, are 100% conservatives.

Look at the folks in the videos and try to gauge the average age of the attendees. This is one of the reasons why we are losing. We have very little “young blood” in our Party.

Most of the “young blood” conservatives blog instead of actually getting involved in their local Party committee.

Or they try to get a radio gig.

Or they create “clever” YouTube videos.

None of which, alone, actually counters the left’s Get Out The Vote efforts.

If radio gigs and clever videos, alone, changed the outcome of elections, then with Rush/Hannity/Beck/Levin/etc. why aren’t we winning?

To get a taste of what we are up against, go to www.rVotes.com and do a little research on VoteBuilder.

So, on to the second question. Will YOU be voting for your Republican Party national convention delegates? You know, the people who will elect our nominee if a “brokered convention” ensues?

I’m in Arizona, and to become eligible to elect the delegates to the state convention, one has to have become a precinct committeeman (elected or appointed) by the last day of the December preceding the meeting at which these elections take place.

Our system is relatively simple.

And, did you know, that in most states, to be an elected delegate to the nominating convention, one does not even have to be a registered Republican? Have you ever read your state rules regarding this? Do you even know where to go to look them up? Or who to call to ask, “How does this all work?” (P.S. If you are a New Yorker, if you can obtain a PDF copy of the New York State Republican Party rules/bylaws, I will give you an “atta boy!”)

Some resources you may want to check out if your are interested in becoming a ball player in party politics rather than remaining a spectator are linked below in my signature. (The ball players know what I mean; the non-ball players, the spectators, may post nasty remarks about my “tone” and “method.”)

If you have not figured it out already, and you probably have not, the outcome of the 2012 election is not going to be decided by people who only blog.

It is not going to be decided by people who only create clever YouTube videos.

It is not going to be decided by talking heads on CNN.

It’s going to be decided by the people who actually vote.

And if you want to change the outcome of the 2012 elections, you have to get more people go to the polls and vote for your candidates than for your adversaries.

And that gets accomplished, best, at the precinct level where you live. In YOUR precinct.

It involves getting involved as a Republican Party precinct committeeman where you live. Or a PC “helper.” It involves making a a few phone calls. Maybe knocking on a few doors.

And, the best part, it’s fun.

Here are some additional sites you ought to get to know intimately:




The real question is this: What, from now until Election Day in 2012, are you going to do to increase the number of people who go to the polls to vote AGAINST Osocialist and his minions? And, HOW will you document that you actually moved more people to do just that?

Thank you.

Will YOU help make 2011 “The Year of the Precinct Committeeman?”

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