Gee, the Republicans aren't living up to their promises. What, oh what, should we do?

Oh my goodness! The “conservative” Republican House and Senate leaders don’t seem to want to live up to their promises to cut spending and cut taxes and undo regulations!!!! Oh goodness, what, oh what, should we in the “center-right” of America do?

If you are Hugh Hewitt, you tell your radio audience to “call your representative and senators.” How’s that been working out for us?

Consider the possibility that our “conservative” Republican congresscritters really don’t care about the phone calls and faxes and e-mails. Consider the possibility they only care about one thing and one thing only: whether they’ll win their next primary election. And if that’s the case, ought we not get into the best position to make sure they don’t survive their next primary election?

If you think that might be a possible strategy that maybe, just maybe, might work, go to the links below.

And get Erick Erickson’s book, Red State Uprising. And check out the last chapter, Take Back America, and the section, Take Back The Party. The strategy of filling up all the vacant “voting member” slots of the Party at the precinct level works. I know it does first-hand. It’s just common sense. But it requires that we conservatives unite and organize where we live. Inside our Party. Especially in light of the fact that, on average, in every local Republican Party committee, about half of the “voting member” slots — called “precinct committeeman” in most states (every state has its own system an terminology) — are vacant.

Consider this: http://www.redstate.com/coldwarrior/2011/03/22/want-to-change-john-boehner-it%E2%80%99s-up-to-the-conservatives-in-his-district/

Or, fellow conservative Republican Redstaters, let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing.

By the way, becoming a “card carrying” member of the Republican Party is fun. And, hint, the Party is not exactly advertising that about half of the precinct-level “voting member” slots of the Party are not filled. And they are not exactly advertising how easy it is to become a voting member of the Party. Because it’s not in their self-interest to do so. The status quo means they all get reelected.

So I hope you will consider becoming a voting member of the Party. Check out the links below if you are so inclined.

Thank you.

For Liberty,

Will YOU help make 2011 “The Year of the Precinct Committeeman?”

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