My question for every Front Page and Member Diary issue proponent: What are you going to DO about it?

I will not belabor the point.

Much “political” discussion is had here at Redstate, mostly about legislative issues and candidates. Take a look at the subject matter of the Diaries and Front Page articles. They almost always focus on some political issue. But, rarely, do the writings conclude with a prescription or formula for what we are to DO to fix the outlined problem. Sometimes, it’s implied that somebody, somewhere, is supposed to so something about the problem. But that’s about it.

Simply put, our conservative issues will not be translated into legislative fixes — laws — including the repeal of laws, such as the repeal of the liberty-killing Obamacare — unless, and until, we conservatives focus on the how and why of electing more Constitutional conservatives. And that happens where we live.

That involves grunt work. Phone calls to voters. Fingers pressing door bell buttons.

How many phone calls have you made on behalf of conservative Republican candidates in the last year?

How many Republican voters have you talked to in your precinct in the last year? Not on the net. But, face-to-face, or by phone, or by literature drop, or by e-mail, to your “political neighbors” — your fellow Republican voters in your precinct?

Do you even know the physical boundaries of your precinct? I’d wager you don’t. Have you walked, or even driven, the streets in your precinct? I’d wager you have not. Why is that a good wager? Because I know that over half of the precinct committeeman slots in the Republican Party are vacant and over one third of the precincts in the country have not even a single precinct committeeman.

Know how to find out, in less than a minute, on the net, how many registered Republicans live in your precinct or legislative or congressional district? I’d wager you don’t. (I don’t want to talk down to anyone here, but I hope you all realize that over half of the local “voting member” slots in the Party — the precinct-level slots — are vacant nationwide. I’ve asked in the past for the “leaders” here at Redstate to tell us about their history inside the Party so we can learn from their experiences, but virtually nothing has been forthcoming — perhaps because they don’t pay too much attention to the Member Diaries (and certainly not to little ol’ CW) or they are engaged in much more important endeavors that help make sure Constitutional conservatives win those all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout-primary elections. Each of us must set our individual priorities.)

How many Republican Party committee meetings have you attended where you live in the last year? I’d wager the answer is zero.

Do you even know when and where yours meets? I’d wager you don’t.

How many times in the last two years have you called your state representatives and senator? I’d wager the average for all Redstaters is zero.

Each of us can only do so much. But ought not all of us do at least something in the public square?

Ought we not unite? Ought we not organize for political action? Ought not we, conservatives, unite and organize INSIDE the Republican Party locally where we live? At our local committee meetings? Ever been to one? Don’t answer that — I really can’t stomach the answer.

If we don’t organize and unite, locally, inside our respective Republican Party committees, what will continue to happen in our state and federal legislatures?

Thank you.


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