As all of the Redstate political activists have this info at their fingertips, let's compile it! No?

Undoubtedly, the “political activists” here at Redstate have the following information at their fingertips. The Republican National Committee does not. Let’s provide it, no? So, to that end, please respond here with the answers to the following questions. Obviously, each of you have this information readily at your fingertips, as you are all effective “political activists” where it really counts — in your “political neighborhood” in your precinct inside your political party. Please post links to the information here in comments to this Diary, identifying your state, county, and however else your information ought to be listed/linked. Thank you:

My state’s Election Code.

The Rules of the Republican Party? (Hint: go to www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com and look around.)

My state’s GOP bylaws/constitution/rules? (Terminology varies by state.)

My county’s bylaws/constitution/rules?

My local Republican Party committee rules?

Where and when my local Republican Party committee meets?

The name of my local, county and state Republican Party committee chairman?

Together, if we compile this information for our Republican Party, we will have accomplished much.

Thank you.


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