Civic Responsibility in Action: Joe [the Plumber] Wurzelbacher Announces Run for U.S. Congress

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as “Joe the Plumber,” yesterday announced his candidacy in Ohio’s 9th Congressional District, currently held by Democrat Marcy Kaptur.

Almost all of the Democrat Media have reported that this is Joe’s first plunge into politics, but that’s not entirely true. Joe jumped into the real ball game of politics last spring when he ran for, and was elected to, one of the Republican precinct committeeman slots in his precinct.

I especially liked the way Joe spoke about how each of us has a “civic responsibility” consisting of more than just showing up for jury duty. I believe we’ll be hearing more from Joe as his campaign unfolds about how one can carry out their “civic responsibility” by helping to Get Out The Vote, by volunteering to be a poll watcher or worker, and by participating, if possible, in party politics with respect to one’s precinct and local party committee.

Joe’s campaign website is at: www.JoeforCongress2012.com.

For a stroll down memory lane about how Joe, and others, have learned how to speak to our elected public servants, go here.

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