Mark Block of Cain campaign, with creative video strategy, gets out Cain's message: "Get Involved!"

Herman Cain’s stump speech often ended with the message of “Stay Informed,” “Stay Involved” and “Stay Inspired,” with short discussions of each point.

Last week I listened to Herman make those points again in Phoenix at an AZ GOP fundraiser where Herman was the keynote speaker. A little birdie ran into Mark Block during Herman’s speech (Mark was walking around observing the crowd’s reaction to the speech) and suggested that “Stay Involved” might be a bit obscure, and that the new message ought to be, at this point in the campaign for the presidency, to more specifically and concretely ask Herman’s supporters to “Get Involved.”

The little birdie explained that many in the audience, listening to Herman, want to, and are willing to, “get involved.” They want to “do something.” But, they don’t know what, specifically, they ought do to help their favored candidates. And that Herman ought to be telling his audiences exactly how he would like them to help his campaign and the Republican Party. And tell them how crucial GOTV will be in the 2012 elections. And that if Herman will ask them to do a bit more than usual, to make a few phone calls, perhaps, or actually walk a precinct, targeting the Republican voters who did not vote in the last two general elections, for example, then maybe we’ll greatly increase the number of Republican victories next year.

Herman had not yet gotten to the “Stay Involved” portion of the speech by the time the little birdie’s discussion with Mark ended, but Herman ended the speech with the same three points. That night, for example, after asking those in attendance to “Stay Involved,” he explained that obviously they were involved just by their attendance at the fundraising dinner for the AZ GOP. But, he then asked them, with a hearty, friendly yell, to “KICK IT UP A NOTCH!” A rousing round of applause followed. He added that “everyone can do something” and “do what you can do!”

Now Mark Block has succeeded in getting out that “Get Involved!” message to current and potential Cain supporters. Friends of Herman Cain sent out a video yesterday morning, and you’ve probably already watched it or at least heard about it:

The buzz over this video led to this interview on Fox News this morning with Megan Kelly, allowing the Cain campaign to again get out the main message to current and potential Cain supporters: the time has come to get involved with the Cain campaign.

Herman Cain promised that as an “unconventional” candidate he would run an unconventional campaign. It appears he and Mark Block are delivering on that promise.

Stay tuned — I believe the Cain campaign will provide more unconventional messaging for the American people. The little birdie gave Mark a few other ideas.

Thank you.


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