The Cat's Out of the Bag: The Progressives have discovered the Precinct Strategy.

Occasionally, I gently suggest here that conservative Republicans ought to consider, if they have not already, where their priorities lay with respect to actually, demonstrably, causing the best conservatives to get the most votes in the primary elections where they live and, then, go on to get the most votes in the general election. And how to actually become a “voting member” of the Republican Party; that is, to achieve the right to vote for those Republicans in the officer positions (for example, the local, county, state and RNC chairmen and the rest of the officers at each organizational level).

I have meekly advocated that the best way to to accomplish those objectives is by becoming a voting member of the Republican Party. That is, by taking the step beyond simply registering to vote as a Republican. That is, again, having the right, and the power, to vote for the leadership of the Party, locally, and having the political power (assuming the committee bylaws allow it) to vote to endorse the best conservative in the primary election. If all of this sounds foreign to you, take heart — it is not difficult to learn.

We can actually learn a few things from the progressive Democrats, as they are beginning to figure out how this all works.

Here is a site you may want to spend a few minutes at, the Union of Progressive Precinct Organizers: http://uppo.deepbluechange.org

Here’s another, the Progressive Precinct Project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProgressivePrecinctProject

Then there’s the Coordinated Engagement of the Democratic County Party Executive Committees. They want to do “a ‘flash-mob’ style event to educate progressives about the power in the county party executive committees. ” (Source: http://www.thomhartmann.com/forum/2011/08/step-1-precinct-committee-chairman-step-2-organize-groups-step-3-media-coverage.)

Here’s what they plan to do on August 31, 2011:

Wednesday, August 31 at 10:00am – November 30 at 10:00am
All 3,141 Counties in America
Created By
Joseph Cardwell
More Info
Each county in America has two PACs, a Democratic PAC, and a Republican PAC. These PACs are run by a democratically elected executive committee. These PACs endorse 99% of the candidates that get elected. 50% of those committee seats are vacant. Many of the seats that are filled, are occupied by conservatives, even in the Democratic party.

If you feel like the Democratic Party is not making the progressive argument, it’s because progressives do not fill the Democratic County Party Executive Committee seats.

That has to change.

We are flash-mobbing the democratic party county party executive committees to fill the 200,000 empty seats and displace any conservatives that occupy them now. We are taking control of these committees, to take control of the party, and take control of our government.

America should not be number 13. We should be number 1, and only progressive values in our government will make it that way.

(Source: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=211258725592719.)

Even some of the Kus Kids are perplexed. But they are catching on. Here are a couple of examples:


You want better Democrats in office and leadership? Well, here’s your chance!

Thom Hartmann examines the electoral mechanics that allowed the Teabagger faction to ‘capture’ the Republican old guard.

The good news is we can use exactly the same methods to get Progressive candidates onto the ballot and into office – quickly.

Here’s another site — especially, enjoy the comments: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/08/10/1005359/-Thom-Hartmann-Reveals-Tea-Party%E2%80%99s-Winning-Secrets-%E2%80%93it-ain%E2%80%99t-rocket-science%E2%80%93

ScottWalkerWatch.com also thought it would be a great idea for Progressives to invade the Democrat Party at the ward (precinct) level as part of a strategy to take over the Democrat Party: http://scottwalkerwatch.com/tools/how-to-change-the-democratic-party/

Another Progressive blog agrees “We (Progressives) Should Learn from the Tea Party’s Secret Tactics”: http://sierravoices.com/2011/08/we-progressives-should-learn-from-the-tea-partys-secret-tactics/

Here’s an article by a Progressive who came up with the “creative” idea of infiltrating the Republican Party by having Progressives try to to become voting members of the Republican Party: http://www.nowpublic.com/world/gang-stalking-effective-local-grassroots-activism

In other words, if conservative Republicans stay at home, and do not seek out their local Republican Party committee, “creative” and crafty Progressives may just fill up the empty precinct committeeman slots in that locale.

Now that the progressives know about The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy, do you think maybe it might be a good idea for you to attend your local Republican Party committee meeting as soon as possible to see whether you can get involved as a voting member of your local and state Republican Party? To achieve real political power where you live?

I hope so. And I pray so. (Plus, there’s a silver lining: you may find your attendance at the meetings exhilarating and fun! I do!) I hope you will give it a try. See the links below if you are interested. And, if you have any questions, shoot them to me at coldwarrior1978 at gmail dot com.

Thank you.

For Liberty,


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