Sorry to ask hard questions, and what the hell do I know about recruiting PCs or anyone else?????

Facts are stubborn things.

Fact: In Arizona, where I live, HALF of the local, precinct-level (“precinct committeeman”) elected positions inside the Republican Party are vacant. And this is the way it is all across the country. Open the mailers you’ve received from the RNC, the NRCC, and the NRCC. And from your state Republican Party committee. See any mention of this?

Gee, maybe the Republican Party does not want you. If you are represented in the Senate or House, have you received a mailer from the incumbents’ campaigns imploring you to become a voting member of the Republican Party? (Psst.: I know the answer.)

I always apologize to the week-kneed, if I can, for asking hard questions, that hurt people’s feelings. But, decades ago, my job, on behalf of the U.S. government (and I have the unclassified commendations to prove it) was to recruit (that was the hardest part) and then train the recruits (most would not pass the test) for secret and dangerous missions on behalf of the United States government. And I had to tell them straight up that if they screwed up, the U.S. Government would not acknowledge they even existed. And I started doing these kinds of operations decades before some of my critics here were out of diapers.

And where did I gain my undergraduate degree? The “Un-College.” USMA.

Soldiering on from the South Hudson Institute of Technology (there’s a joke there), I ventured into the arcane world of Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence. The Soviets were on the march in Afghanistan, Angola, Nicaragua, Grenada and elsewhere. And I aimed to stop them. As did others. And Ronald Reagan.

As for the week-kneed whom I could not recruit to go on the secret and dangerous missions? I sent them on their way. As for those who can’t understand that it might be a good idea to show up at their local Republican Party committee meeting, or who would criticize me for suggesting that they do, I apologize for hurting your feelings. And I’m sorry if you want to depart on your ways.

If the RedState “powers that be” would like me to depart, you won’t hear from me again.

Recruitment. There’s a formula.

1. Explain to the recruit that if they do not do what you want, they will lose their liberties.

2 Prove you’ve done what you want the recruit to do.

3. Prove to the recruit that you can teach them what they need to do to achieve their goal to preserve their liberties.

4. Assure the recruit you will not abandon them as they carry out the mission to preserve their liberties.

If you don’t like this formula, no matter.

Here’s the bottom line: I want to fill up the vacant Republican Party precinct committeeman slots. If we don’t do that, we lose our country.


If my recruitment methods scare away people because they do not even know what “committee” means in the context of basic American civics, I’m sorry. I’ll try to explain it a little bit better — sometimes one does not know how little someone in law school, for example, knows. I hope those who know much more than I will jump in and help me. And explain what really needs to be accomplished to help Get Out The Vote and to accomplish a conservative take over of the Republican Party.

Perhaps those Restate “editors” or whatever they call themselves (that is, those who have the power to ban Redstate contributors with something they refer to as a “Krakken” hammer or whatever it’s called) who don’t care for little ol’ ColdWarrior should fess up and let the Redstate contributors know whether you are a voting member of the Republican Party. And, if not, why not? (For example, LUR has a valid reason why not to be.) Aaron G. has joined the fray. EE is “in it.” What about the rest of you? If you’ve got a reason for not being involved, I’d like to hear it. Publicly or privately. I’ll respect your candor. And not comment on it. But it would be good to know where you “stand.”

So, chime in.

Are you a “voting member” of the Republican Party where you live?

If not, why not?

Honesty is the best policy.

Am I being blunt? Yes. Guilty as charged.

Me? I’m an elected PC in LD 17 in Tempe, AZ. And an elected member of the Maricopa County Republican Party Committee. And an elected Arizona Republican Party state committeeman (hint why that’s important — I get to vote for AZ’s three RNC delegates).

So, the rest of you Redstaters, if you think little ol’ ColdWarrior should leave Redstate (or be “banned” or “Krakkened” or whatever it’s called), take a vote. I’ll respect the results. Let’s see an up/down vote by the Redstate “editors” and the rank and file.

Meanwhile? Visit UP’s Activist Hub. And consider becoming a voting member of the Republican Party where you live. You won’t regret it. I’ve yet to hear from any Redstater, who has followed my advice, regretting having gone to their local Republican Party committee meeting.

Thank you.


Will YOU help make 2011 “The Year of the Precinct Committeeman?”

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