Conservatives: Don't want to take over the Republican Party? Watch out for Michael Moore.

Yes, that Michael Moore.

But don’t worry, he’s not trying to take over the Republican Party and turn it into a conservative powerhouse. No, he’s figured out The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy and he’s succeeded, according to him, in taking over the Antrim County, Michigan Democrat Party Committee. He wants to turn the Democrat Party into a leftist Get Out The Vote powerhouse for leftist/progressive candidates. He’s figured out that the best political tool for accomplishing that is the Democrat Party, because it already has automatic ballot access. And it looks like he had some success where he lives up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Here he explains how he did it:

(If you are so inclined to watch, or read, the entire interview of the gelatinous blob of quivering jelly, go here.)

Go here to see his name on the Antrim County Democrat County Executive Committee:


Are you going to let a leftist like Michael Moore beat us?

Out work you? Take away your liberties?

Or are you going to get yourself to your local Republican Party committee meeting, along with every other conservative you know, and make sure your local Republican Party committee has a conservative majority? Want to learn more? Go to the links below.

Satisfied with the performance of our current crop of “conservative Republicans” in the House and Senate? In your state’s legislature? Then do nothing. If you do nothing, nothing will change.

Only your country and your liberties depend upon what you do.


For Liberty,

Will YOU help make 2011 “The Year of the Precinct Committeeman?”

Where it all started.

Learn how to GOTV at The Concord Project and at Procinct and Unified Patriots.

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