For the faint of heart, sorry to be rude. Which of you Redstaters are, actually, members of the Republican Party?

I’m not referring to registered Republicans. Instead, I’m referring to those Republicans who can vote for the leadership of the Party. Anyone can ask to register as a Republican . But only MEMBERS of the Party can vote for the leadership of the Party. Have you ever become eligible to do so?


Please, if you are so inclined, answer my rude question.

I’ve asked it it in the past:


It’s an important question, no? For the “members” of this oh-so-influential-conservative web site?

Are you actually a player in the real ball game of politics on behalf of your party? Are you a “member” of your Party where you live? Do you attend the local Party committee meetings? Are you qualified to vote for the local Party committee officers?

Yes, I am an elected Republican Party precinct committeeman and I have cast votes for my local committee officers and my county officers. And I was lucky enough to be elected to the position of state committeeman, which gave me the right to vote for the state committee officers and the RNC delegates. This did not take much time.

What’s your story?

Thank you.

For Liberty,


Will YOU help make 2011 “The Year of the Precinct Committeeman?”

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