Giving up, or giving in? What will you DO?

I try to get right to the point

I’m a fighter. As a veteran, and a trial lawyer, I’ve taken “the oath” many times.

Here we are on the brink of national financial disaster. About 200,000 of 400,00 Republican Party precinct committeeman slots are STILL unfilled.

We are doomed, as a country, if we conservatives, in this so-called “center-right country,” cannot muster 200,000 of us to fill up those vacancies. Period.

So, the big question is, what are YOU going to DO? Besides blogging? Besides expressing an opinion on the net? Will you actually get involved in party politics where you live?

That’s all.

For Liberty,


Will YOU help make 2011 “The Year of the Precinct Committeeman?”

Where it all started.

Learn how to GOTV at The Concord Project and at Procinct and Unified Patriots.