Who Is In Charge in a Republic? Our Republic?

I remember what happened here at Redstate during the weeks leading up to the election of the RNC Chairman.

Many words were written. “It must be Candidate X!” “It must be Candidate Y!” Guess what? The only people who had a say in who became the RNC chairman were the RNC delegates, and, frankly, Redstate contributors just aren’t their constituents.

The constituents of the RNC Chairman candidates were those who elected the RNC delegates months and years before. And those constituents were the registered Republicans who took the time to run to become state committeemen. But, to become state committeemen, they had to have first become local precinct committeemen (precinct committeemen has different names in some states, but the concept is the same — you can’t actually be a “player” in the real ball game of politics — party politics — unless you become a voting member of the Party).

Want to affect the next election of the RNC Chairman? Save your keyboarding. Get to your local Repub. Party committee meeting and find out how to become a voting member of the Party.

Here we are on the precipice of whether our Republican representatives in the House and Senate will FIGHT for our liberties over the national debt, federal spending and federal taxation. Big question:

What are YOU going to DO about it? Blog? Or actually send a fax to the Republican “leaders?” (Uh, guess what, they don’t read the blogs.)

Earlier today I read an email from someone who asserted the time has now passed for people to “set up a blog, start writing, get national attention, and turn the tide of politics in America by blogging from their house in pajamas.”

My response to that is, “Where’s the evidence that any conservative has ‘turned the tide of politics in America by blogging?'”


Please, show me evidence that blogging has actually increased the number of voters who have cast votes for Republican candidates in primary and general elections. Or caused a White House press spokesman to deny what a Republican senator said a sitting U.S. president said in private in the Oval Office about not securing our southern border for political purposes. (I have some evidence of this — it’s posted here at Redstate.)

The real changes that will “turn the tide of politics in America” will happen, if at all, by all the “keyboard warriors” actually showing up for their local Republican Party committee meetings. And, if they don’t, the people who DO show up will supplant them.

Where do you want to be? Inside the Party? Or outside it? A ball player? Or in the bleachers, ineffectually yelling a the players?

Thank you.

For Liberty,


Will YOU help make 2011 “The Year of the Precinct Committeeman?”

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