Nah, why mention he shouted "Allah Akbar!" while storming the cockpit?

Seems the “news” editors of the Democrat Media do not want to let anyone know that the nice young man from Yemen who attempted to break into the cockpit of a passenger plane on Sunday night somewhere between Chicago and San Francisco shouted something as he ran to the cockpit door before trying to break through it. (Hat tip to MadBrad at TheRealRevo and NakedEmperorNews1.) Watch the compilation of “news” stories from around the country after the first two, local, news report clips.

No, those words would not suggest any motive, now, would they? Because the Democrat Media told us so.

Now, why would all those “news” editors of the Democrat Media leave out the words “Allah Akbar” when “reporting” about this “unruly passenger?”

Thank you.

For Liberty,


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