There Are a Few People Who Know How to Talk to Obama -- Want to Help Increase That Number?

Joe the Plumber knows.

Rep. Joe Wilson knows.

(Republican Rep. John Shimkus, from Illinois, walked out of the same speech.)

Sen. John McCain knows, sometimes.

Rep. Paul Ryan knows.

Ohio Governor John Kasich knows.

Sen. Jon Kyl could have had a press conference after his talk with Obama in the White House, but instead didn’t mention it until he was a tea party meeting in Phoenix, and thereafter had to stand up to Obama.

Read the whole story here.

And then there are concerned private citizens who know that all of our elected public servants are, just that, our public servants, and that they rank below the sovereign citizens, and that they are supposed to be bound by the strictures of the Constitution.

Paul Curtman in Missouri knows.

Katie Abrams in Pennsylvania knows.

David Hendrick in Washington state knows.

Joshua Lyons in Maryland knows.

And then there is the Member of the European Parliament from England, Daniel Hannan, who knows how to talk to a progressive bent on destroying his country.

So, “we the [conservative] people” need to start demanding that every one of our elected Republican public servants in the legislatures (federal and state) and the governor slots start speaking the truth to those hell-bent on destroying the America we have enjoyed all these many years and profess to love and cherish. And the absolute best way to make a difference, and prod them into doing so, is to show them that we, each one of us, will get into the fight, too. And the best way to demonstrate that, in my opinion, is to actually act — by getting involved in party politics. Republican Party politics. As a voting member of the Party. As a precinct committeeman. It’s the best way to make sure that Constitutional conservatives win those all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections so they can then go on to win the general elections. And it’s the best way — the ONLY way — to elect better Party officers at the local, county, state and national levels — because ONLY precinct committeeman are allowed to vote in the leadership elections.

And the best news of all is that right now over half of these slots are vacant, on average, in every locale — which means if conservatives step up to the plate and become precinct committeemen where they live, in their precincts, they can take over the Party. It’s not hard and does not take a lot of time. Your country and children’s futures are worth it, no?

If you can’t do it yourself, please help someone else do it.

Go here and here to learn how and why to do it.

For Liberty,

Cold Warrior


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