"How is burning paper with ink on it an act of violence?"

Hmmm. Makes perfect sense to me. I seem to recall something like that being posted here once before, a few months ago when Terry Jones threatened to burn a Koran in Florida.

But I digress.

Here’s Ann Barnhardt schooling Sen. Goober Graham (RINO, SC) regarding his foolish and cowardly remarks, phrase-by-phrase, about the First Amendment and the burning, by U.S. citizens, of pieces of paper with ink on them.

Hat tip to TheRealRevo: Beauty, Brains And Balls. You can watch the second video there, where she actually — gasp! — burns paper with ink on it!

I did. (Watch the second video, that is.) And learned some more about what the Koran instructs the perfect follower of the “Religion of Peace” is to do with infidels, prepubescent boys, and so forth. You know, to strive to be like the perfect man, Mohammad.

Ms. Barnhardt’s videos are going viral. She has more grit and fight in her little finger than most Americans, it seems. And certainly more than Sen. Goober Graham.

Here she is interviewed by the folks at iOwntheWorld.com.

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