When are we going to, each one of us, get serious and roll up our sleeves and "do politics?"

If you are already a voting member of the Republican Party, you don’t need to read any further. You already know everything I’m about to say, because you’ve lived it. But, if you’ve never attended your local Republican Party committee meeting, you might want to read on. That is, if you want to really make a difference in the battle to take back our government from the progressives, in both parties, who are either trying to destroy our system of limited government or who are too lazy or cowardly to act to stop that destruction.

Yelling at these people will not get them to change. Stern letters sent by fax won’t get them to change. Yelling at them at town hall meetings won’t get them to change.

The only thing that will get them to change is to change them out at the ballot box.

So, what are you doing to make that change happen?

If you want to be serious and actually do something constructive, that may have more impact than what you may already be doing, read on.

Let’s break things down to the basics. To be voted upon by “we the people,” a candidate’s name, or a ballot initative, or a referendum, has to have a fixed number of signatures from the electorate gathered and given to the election officials. Have you gathered any signatures for anyone or anything in the past, say, ten years? Ever? A wise man told me that one cannot really call themselves a “political activist” if they haven’t been gathering signatures for someone or something to be placed on an election ballot.

Once on the ballot, in the case of a candidate, the candidate receiving the most votes wins. What have you done, that you can’t point to, in the last election cycle, that you know, and can verify, caused a voter to actually go the polls to vote for your favored candidate? How many phone calls to votes did you make? How many voters did you talk to at their doorway? On how many door knobs did you hang a bag of candidate literature?

Backing up for a minute, prior to the general election, before the primary election, local Republican Party committees (at the township, city or legislative district level) and the county level or congressional district level (these committee boundaries vary from state to state) can, provided the bylaws allow it, vote to give the committee’s endorsement to a candidate. Have you ever participated in this? The candidate who wins the endorsement of the party committees almost always wins.

And, prior to the primary election, the Republican candidates make the rounds to all the committee meetings, trying to persuade the precinct committeemen to support them and help get out the vote for them in their precincts. Have you ever been to a local Republican Party committee meeting and observed this?

We are coming up on the 2012 election cycle. For example, where I live, my local legislative district committee, which encompasses a good part of Tempe, AZ and a small part of Scottsdale, AZ, has 277 allotted precinct committeeman slots. But only about 120 are filled. Do you think we’d do better at getting out the vote for conservative Republican candidates if we could get conservatives to fill up all the vacant precinct committeeman slots? I think we’d do better with 277 precinct committeemen than with 120 precinct committeemen. So, we conservative precinct committeemen in our legislative district keep recruiting conservatives to become precinct committeemen. We try to fill all the vacancies in our respective precincts and then we go into the neighboring precincts that have no precinct committeemen and go door-to-door to the houses containing Republicans who vote religiously in the primary and general elections (we find that out from the Voter Vault walking sheets the Party gives us) and try to recruit them to become precinct committeemen. More than one third of the 69 precincts in our legislative district have no precinct committeemen.

Folks, that is how it’s done – that’s how we’ll take back the government. First, we have to take back the Republican Party.

You can learn more about this Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy here.

I can’t guarantee that if you get involved in the Party as a precinct committeeman that we’ll save the country. But I can guarantee this — that if you don’t we”ll probably lose it. On the other hand, if all of the conservatives at this conservative web site, and in all the grass roots conservative groups across the country, would all go, this month, and next month, and every month between now and the 2012 primary elections, to their respective local Republican Party monthly meetings, and announce that they wanted to become precinct committeemen, that would send a shock wave through the political world.

I tell those who are trying to put together April 15 rallies to, instead, take all that time and energy instead into an effort to get all of the grass roots conservatives to attend their local Republican Party committee meetings. Take videos of those meetings with standing room only crowds. Get those videos up onto the internet. Trust me, the incumbents in the House and Senate would take notice. Why do you think Orrin Hatch is catering to the grass roots conservative groups in Utah? Because he’s facing the same sort of nominating convention problem that RINO former Sen. Bobbie Bennett faced — thousands and thousands of tea partiers and 9.12-ers who figured out that the real ball game of politics is played inside the local Republican Party caucus meetings where delegates to the Utah Party nominating convention are elected. I wrote about it here:

Have you noticed that many of those “tea party backed” new members of the House don’t seem to be all that courageous after all? You know why? It’s not in their best interest to go out on a limb. They know the relative strength of the Republican Party back in their districts in terms of the percentage of precinct committeemen slots that are filled. They were elected in the primary based on that percentage. If the percentage of filled slots does not go up, then they know, with history being their guide, that they will have about a 97 per cent chance of getting reelected. They’ll have an incentive to fight for your individual rights only if they see the percentage of filled seats rising dramatically — because that tells them that all is not well back in their districts for them, and maybe all those new precinct committeemen will work to get out the vote for a more conservative challenger.

So, do you really want to “do something” to change the outcome of the elections? If so, become a voting member of the Party. Become a precinct committeeman. As soon as possible. Do it immediately because if you want to vote for the leadership of the Party during this election cycle, where you live, in some states the deadline for being eligible for doing that is passing soon. ONLY precinct committeemen get to vote for the Party leaders. Don’t you want to be able to vote for YOUR party’s leadership?

Let’s get serious, conservatives. Let’s unite where it really matters. Let’s engage in person where it really matters. Let’s all get to our local Republican Party committee meetings. And roll up our sleeves and do what’s necessary for taking back our government. It starts by first taking over our Party. At the local level. Where over half of the precinct committeemen slots are currently vacant.

For Liberty,
Cold Warrior

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