Redstate's purposes and how BEST to carry them out

I took a look at the professed purposes of Redstate, which you can find here (Go to Help, click on the “rules for posting”).

Here they are:

The purpose of RedState.com is:

* to promote conservative ideals within the vehicle of the Republican Party,
* to clean house in the Republican party,
* to help elect conservative Republicans,
* and to encourage and educate conservative Republican activists committed to the above.

These are very good purposes. And it seems to me the best, most effective way to carry them out is for each of us to become a “player” inside the Republican Party. And that means becoming a precinct committeemen, if possible. And in the unlikely event that all the slots are filled, no matter — just become a “helper” to another precinct committeeman and learn the ropes and help out until a vacancy comes into being. Indeed, on average, in every locale in the country, more than half of the precinct committeeman slots are unfilled, so you’ll have a very good chance of filling up a slot that’s begging for a warm, conservative body. Yours.

Back to the Redstate purposes. Let us examine them one at a time.

How best “to promote conservative ideals within the vehicle of the Republican Party?” If you want to get inside “the vehicle of the Republican Party,” you have to open its door, so to speak, and climb in. The door you have to open is your local committee meeting door — that is where you’ll learn how to become a voting member of the Party, a precinct committeeman. At those meetings, and during the leadership elections, where you’ll be able to vote for the Party leader candidates (only precinct committeemen get to do this), you’ll be best able to “promote conservative ideals within the vehicle of the Republican Party”

How best “to clean house in the Republican Party?” Become a Republican Party member, because you aren’t really “in” the Republican Party until you become a voting member of it.

How best “to help elect conservative Republicans?” Become a Republican Party precinct committeeman, so you can help get out the vote in the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections for the conservative Republican candidates.

But you better hurry. Because in some states, the deadlines have already passed for becoming a voting member of the Party during the upcoming 2012 election cycle.

Thank you.

For Liberty,


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