Our Republican Party -- It's really strong, no?

Let’s take a look at our Republican Party. I’ll bet you think it’s in really great shape in its active ranks.

As we all know, every Republican National Committee delegate seat is filled. You may have watched some of the proceedings on C-Span of the RNC annual meeting and elections. Yessiree, everyone was so happy and everything seemed so perfect. All the officer positions were filled.

Then drop down to the state level. Every state has an elected chairman — none of those seats go begging. (The state chairmen also serve as RNC delegates.) And all of the state officer slots are filled, I’m sure.

Now this is where it starts to get a little interesting — the county level. I’ve been told that there are some counties in the United States where the Republican Party doesn’t even have a full-fledged county committee. And, I’ve been told, that nationwide, over half of the precinct committeeman slots in the Republican Party are unfilled. Over half.

If you watched the RNC proceedings on C-Span, did you hear any discussion of this? If you watched any of the Conservative Political Action Conference proceedings on C-Span, did you hear any discussion of this fact? Have you ever heard any incumbent Republican implore conservatives to come into the Party as precinct committeemen? Can you find video on the internet of any incumbent Republican congressman or senator imploring the Republican registered voters in their district or state to come into the Party at the precinct level as precinct committeemen?

Why do they not? Simple. It is not in their self-interest to do so. Even a good conservative Republican congressman will not breathe a word about the need for conservatives to fill up all of the vacant precinct committeeman slots at the “bottom” of the Party because, if that happens, there is a risk that those new conservative precinct committeemen might join with the other conservative precinct committeemen already inside the Party and turn on him in the primary election if a better, more conservative, primary challenger emerges. On the other hand, if the status quo does not change at all by the time of the next primary election, the incumbent has about a 97 per cent chance of winning that all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary election.

Let us take my county, Maricopa County, Arizona, for example. Yes, all of the county leadership posts are filled. And in the 18 legislative districts within the county, all of the leadership positions are filled. But, on average, less than fifty per cent of the precinct committeemen slots are filled in each legislative district.

I’m in Legislative District 17. We have 277 allotted precinct committeemen slots, but only 113 filled. All the officer slots are filled, but only about forty per cent of the really powerful slots, the individual precinct committeemen slots, are filled. And that’s why the “leaders” will never breathe a word of this state of affairs to the “unwashed masses.” Because if conservatives figure out that they can flock into the Republican Party and fill up all the vacant precinct committeemen slots, those conservatives will have a majority. And with that majority, they can elect conservative leaders at the local committee, county committee, state committee and national committee levels.

With those majorities, they can also vote to endorse the best conservative candidates in the upcoming 2012 primary elections.

Becoming a precinct committeeman — a voting member of the Party — is not hard. The requirements are not onerous and vary from state to state. But know this: in most states, the “leaders” of the Republican Party DO NOT WANT YOU TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS AND COME IN AN UPSET THEIR APPLE CARTS. They like the status quo just fine. Just like all those happy faces you saw at the RNC annual meeting if you happened to watch their proceedings. None of them said a word about the fact that over half of the precinct committeemen slots at the local committee level are unfilled. It is not in their self-interest to say a word about it.

Want some of this political power? Want to save your country? Well, you better hurry up. Because in some states the deadlines for becoming a precinct committeemen in time to be in a position to vote in the Party endorsement elections are expiring right now.

To take back our government, by electing constitutional conservatives, we first have to take back a Party. Our Party. The Republican Party. The way to do that is to fill every vacant precinct committeeman slot with a warm, conservative body. YOURS.

Go here to find out more: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com.

Now get to it.

For Liberty,

Cold Warrior

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