Vermont Strategy Update: This Morning I Couldn't Pronounce "Republican Party National Convention Delegate," Now I Are One.

A Redstate friend who is on hiatus informs that this morning he attended his county Republican Party’s breakfast meeting and expressed an interest in becoming a member of the county Republican Party Executive Board. Because a vacancy existed, he’s been informed he’ll be approved, formally, as a member when the Executive Board meets later this month to vote on the matter. He also volunteered to manage the county board’s GOTV (get out the vote) efforts and they offered to pay him to do so. He turned down the pay and asked to be a delegate to the national convention instead. Presto! He’ll now become, too, a delegate to the national Republican Party convention.

Stay tuned. Our friend promises to provide an update after his hiatus.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Vermont, go here to see how it works there (scroll down past the Party Platform for the Rules of the Vermont Republican State Committee): http://vtgop.org/about-2/

Bravo, our Redstate “friend on hiatus!”

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For more information about the Strategy. (Where it all started.)

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Learn how to GOTV at The Concord Project and at Procinct.

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