The Real Question: Are You Going To Just Write, Just Talk, Or Are You Going to DO SOMETHING About Your Pet Issue in 2011?

Go to the Redstate Member Diaries list. Look at the titles. See any solutions to the issues discussed? Read the Diaries. See any concrete proposals or strategies for HOW to change things politically?

Maybe Redstate is just a debating society. I thought it was a “political activism” site.

Do you want to “do something” other than inform people about your pet issue? Do you want to actually help change the outcome of elections? Do you want to actually have a real and tangible impact on which candidates in the Republican primary elections where you live win the primary election races?

If not, stop. Read no further. But if you are a conservative Republican and want to actually change the outcome of the primary elections, then read on.

The “pinnacle of power’ in the Republican Party is being determined at a meeting in Washington, DC this weekend. The delegates to the Republican National Committee will be electing the officers, including the chairman. Did you have a vote in how that will turn out?

I did. Because I got to vote for the people who elected my states’ three Republican National Committee delegates. Because I took the next step beyond being a registered Republican voter. I became a “card carrying member” of the Republican Party. A precinct committeeman. Do you know what a “precinct committeeman” is?

Writing about conservative Republican politics is easy. “Doing” real politics – party politics — takes a bit more effort. It means going to monthly Republican Party committee meetings. If you’ve never been to a party committee meeting, well, it’s where “the rubber meets the road.” It’s where the real ball game of politics is played.

A wise man told me on Saturday, a fellow precinct committeeman and a newly elected committee chairman, that he tells conservatives, “You really aren’t a political activist unless you’ve got a clipboard and are gathering signatures for a political cause.”

When’s the last time you got a signature for a political cause? In Arizona, where I live, we elect our party precinct committeemen. I had to get a whopping 10 signatures to get onto the primary ballot for the office of precinct committeeman. I gathered those signatures. “Real hard.” Took me about 45 minutes. (And I did a bit more, too: I gathered signatures for several conservative Republican candidates who needed them to get onto the primary ballot. It only took a few hours — and it was fun and interesting.)

And the “powers that be” in the Republican Party don’t want you to know that the REAL POWER within the Republican Party lies in becoming a “voting member” of the Party – a precinct committeeman. They like the status quo just fine. Why should they tell you how YOU can unseat THEM?

Again, think about it. A new RNC chairman may be elected. Other than thinking about that race, or maybe chiming in with a short article here at Redstate about it, or elsewhere, did you have ANY real, meaningful, say in how that race will turn out? Did you cast any vote regarding the outcome of the race? I did. I helped elect the Arizona delegates who will be voting. And I’ve communicated to my three delegates my views on whom they should vote for. And they listened, because I’m one of their constituents.

You can do that, too. By becoming a Republican Party precinct committeeman. Half the slots are open. In 2011, conservative Republicans, like those here at Redstate, can take over the Republican Party if they unite inside the Party and fill up all of the empty precinct committeemen slots. It means going to your local committee meetings. Think you can find yours? It’s not hard. I did it. (Need help? Go to my little blog linked below, or e-mail me at coldwarrior1978 at gmail dot com. I’ll help.) If we all unite and fill up all those empty slots, we’ll OWN the Party. And be in the best position to make sure that conservative Republicans win the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections in 2012.

Only about 200,000 conservatives are needed nationwide to take over the Republican Party from within.

Who’s with me?

Thank you.



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ThePrecinctProject, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.” (Where it all started.)

“No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” – Edmund Burke

Learn how to GOTV at The Concord Project and at Procinct.

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