They stopped complaining about the Republican Party and did something about it.

Constitutional Conservatives Now In All Leadership Positions In Arizona’s Legislative District 6 and Pinal County and in 4 of the 5 Positions in Legislative District 17

You may know that I argue that if we conservatives want to change the Republican Party, we need to become members of it – in other words, get inside it. That means becoming precinct committeemen.

LD 6

On Nov. 18, in Arizona’s Legislative District 6, in Deer Valley, constitutional conservatives elected a full slate of constitutional conservatives to the officer slots of the LD 6 Republican Party committee – tossing out RINOs in the process. Two of the new conservative officers are tea partiers I personally recruited to become PCs in 2009 at tea parties. Not only did these conservatives band together and elect new officers, they also had a slate of 69 constitutional conservatives for the 69 allotted state committeemen the LD gets to send to the annual state GOP meeting where the state officers are elected. (Each LD gets to send one state committeemen to the state annual meeting for every three elected PCs in the District.) All 69 constitutional conservatives won.

Why is that significant? Because in 2007, Randy Pullen, our current, conservative, GOP Chairman, and RNC delegate, was elected by a 4 vote margin over Lisa James, a McCain “moderate,” and in 2009 he defeated her by only 20 votes. That shows how ideologically split we are in AZ. Maybe not so evenly split now.

LD 17

On Tuesday night this past week, in my home district, LD 17, constitutional conservatives won all officer position races, except for the chair, and won 24 of the 38 state committeeman races (and, some of the other 14 are fairly conservative – we just don’t know them that well yet). Two of the four officers are brand new precinct committeemen. I recruited one of them and several of the state committeemen. And some of those new conservative precinct committeemen, in turn, will recruit more precinct committeemen.

Pinal County

Today, in adjacent Pinal County, all of the county officer slots were won by constitutional conservatives, including about 80 per cent of the state committeeman slots.

In 2009, at a meeting of the Republican Club of Maricopa, AZ, I recruited Steve Kohut to become a precinct committeeman by briefly explaining to him the Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy. I gave him a copy of my little flyer that explains it. And directed him to my little blog, www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com. He “got it.” He and I continued to recruit, and some whom we recruited, in turn, recruited others.

Today, Steve Kohut, just elected precinct committeeman in the August primary, was elected the Chairman of the Pinal County Republican Party.

Now, consider these numbers at the county level. In 2008, we had 1,989 PCs in Maricopa County for 6,231 allotted slots (there’s one PC in every precinct for every 125 registered Republicans in the precinct). We were at 31.9 per cent strength. At the county election to elect the officers, our conservative candidate won – by a less than one per cent margin. But, now, through my aggressive recruiting, and recruiting by others, we have 2,936 PCs. Our allotment grew to 6,241. So we’re at about 47 per cent strength. And we think most of the new PCs are conservatives recruited from the tea parties. Recruited by me and others.

Changing the Party by Joining It

If you want to have an affect on incumbents, the only thing they fear is a threat to their reelection. The best way to make Republican incumbents fear they might have a more conservative challenger in their primary election with a credible chance at defeating them is to fill up all the empty PC slots with constitutional conservatives. (Oh, and this is important – why do you think virtually no elected Republicans – even the “conservatives” — ever implore conservatives to become PCs? Because they are terrified constitutional conservatives will unite politically and do this. If constitutional conservatives became PCs in the thousands, why, those new PCs might find an even better conservative to take out the incumbent “conservative” in the primary election and also their friends in the Party leadership in the next leadership elections. Many, many of the so-called conservative Republicans are not really all that conservative. So, they stay mum, because if the status quo remains, they have a VERY good chance of getting reelected; historically, incumbents enjoy a reelection rate of about 95 per cent. We can, if enough of us act, change that.)

There’s no way I can prove it, but why do you think Arizona Senator Jon Kyl has finally stood up to Opuppet re the new, dumb START treaty? Maybe, just maybe, because he’s noticed that things are changing back home in Republican Party land — that all of the new PCs are hard core conservatives and they seem to be recruiting more, and that that might mean he’ll have a real challenger in the primary in 2012 with a large contingent of PCs getting out the vote for that more conservative challenger. I think Kyl understands that he might face the same kind of primary outcome as “conservative” Utah Sen. Bob Bennett faced, as I chronicled here:


Here’s the real kicker:

If in the coming month thousands and thousands of constitutional conservatives UNITED locally, not at a tea party rally or meeting, but at their local GOP committee meeting – expressing a desire to become a precinct committeeman – a SHOCK WAVE would be sent through the political world.

Want to change the Republican Party? Get inside it.

Some did this in 2009 and 2010. Will you?

Thank you.

For Liberty,

American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman BY NECESSITY!

ThePrecinctProject, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.” Where it all started.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

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