Precinct Committeemen elect the Party Leaders: Ask (now soon to be former) AZ Rep. Party Chairman Randy Pullen

I’ve been preaching here that the real ball game of politics is played INSIDE the political parties by its members — the precinct committeemen. It’s just a fact. Here’s some reality.

Well, we’re going to have one fewer confirmed conservative at the RNC this year. Because last night in Legislative District 11 in Arizona, the elected precinct committeemen there, who, apparently, have a majority among them of “McCain conservatives,” decided they didn’t want Randy Pullen to serve as the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party any longer. So, they denied him a state committeeman slot. According to the Arizona Republican Party bylaws, you can’t be the state chairman unless you are an elected state committeeman. Each legislative district gets one state committeemen for every three elected precinct committeemen in the district. Randy Pullen wasn’t elected as a state committeeman.

Party Moves Forward
Sea Change in the Arizona Republican Party

A clean Sweep tosses out Old Guard as District 11 DID NOT re-elect Randy Pullen, the Arizona Republican Party Chairman as a state committeeman. You MUST be a state committeeman in order to be elected as the party chairman.

Read the whole thing here: http://sonoranalliance.com/2010/11/18/party-moves-forward-without-randy-pullen/

From Randy:

I will not seek reelection as AZGOP Chairman on January 22nd. It has been an honor to serve these past four years as Chairman . God bless.


There’s a power struggle going on inside the Republican Party. Between conservatives and moderates. Whichever side has the greater number of precinct committeemen will win.

Are you in this fight?

Thank you.

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