Redstaters: Will you be voting in the next round of elections?

No, I am not referring to the 2012 primary and general elections.

I’m talking about the Republican Party internal leadership elections. You know, the ones that determine, ultimately, who will be the RNC Chairman and all of the other leadership positions on down (or, up, depending upon your perspective). And a strategy for taking over the leadership of the Party.


Conservative? Want A More Conservative Republican Party? Become A Member Of It.

Are you a registered Republican? Great! Did you know that registering as a Republican does not get you actual membership within the Party? Registration just indicates you prefer to vote in the Republican Party primary. Without more, you have no rights inside the Party organization. Only registered Republicans who take the next step and become precinct committeemen have a right to vote and act inside the Party itself. Did you make a $100 contribution to the Republican National Committee? In return, you may have received in the mail a plastic “membership” card with your name embossed on it. That card does not gain you any right to vote in the Party leadership elections. That status is reserved only for those Republicans who become precinct committeemen.

We Conservatives Will Only Change The Party If We Get Inside It – Then We Can Elect Conservative Leaders And Make Sure Conservative Candidates Win The Party Primary Elections.

The only way we conservatives can change our Republican Party is to get inside it. Together. At the same time. In large numbers. We conservatives need to unite somewhere, no? We need to unite politically, no? Ultimately, to change the Republican Party, we must unite politically inside the Republican Party itself. And that means, in every state, attending a Party committee or caucus meeting. And, if you want to vote for county and state Party leaders, you have to become a precinct committeeman (it’s called different things in different states – you can learn more about it here: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com).

If this all sounds foreign to you, you need to get educated. Fast.

Will you be going to your local Republican Party committee meeting or caucus meeting in the next few weeks to elect your local committee’s chairman, vice chairman and other officers? Will you be going to your county committee’s annual meeting to elect the officers of the county committee? Will you be attempting to become an elected delegate to your state Republican Party annual meeting to elect the officers of the state committee? For example, here in Arizona, unless a registered Republican got onto his primary ballot as a candidate for precinct committeeman, and then got elected to the position of precinct committeemen by the registered Republicans in his precinct who voted in the primary, that registered Republican will have absolutely no vote in any of the leadership elections described above.

Internal Party Leadership Elections – Will You Be Voting In Yours?

We conservative precinct committeemen here in Arizona hope we have increased the number of conservatives inside the Party sufficiently so that we will reelect all of the incumbent conservatives in the leadership ranks running for reelection and elect conservatives in all of the other contested races. The more conservatives we send to the state convention as delegates, the more likely we’ll elect a conservative state chairman and two conservatives as Republican National Committee delegates. We would like to make sure those three conservative Republicans will then help elect conservatives to the office of Republican National Committee Chairman and to the other RNC elected offices.

Pay heed here – again, only elected precinct committeemen get to vote in the elections that choose the state chairman and the two RNC delegates.

It’s Easy To Become A Precinct Committeeman – Create Your Own Local Conservative Revolution.

And you know, don’t you, that it’s easy to become a precinct committeeman? And that it really doesn’t take more than a couple of hours a month to participate inside the Party? And that half of these slots are, on average, vacant where you live? And that if you could round up enough conservatives to fill up some or all of those vacancies, you could probably have a conservative revolution inside the Party right where you live?

If you’re already a precinct committeeman, you already know all of the above. If you’re not, here’s the question: when we go into the 2012 election cycle, will you, by then, have learned how to become a precinct committeeman and then follow through and become one to help us conservatives take over the leadership of the Party and help the conservative candidates win the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections, so they can get onto the general ballot and beat the Democrat candidates?

What Will You Do? Only More Writing And Talking? Or Will You Act Inside The Party? Will You, Between Now and Nov. 6, 2012, Help Make Our Party More Conservative?

On November 6, 2012, there will be another reckoning. Will you help make reckoning even stronger than the one that took place on Nov. 2, 2010?

More writing? Only writing? More talking? Only talking? Or will you consider actually getting into the real ball game of politics – party politics – inside the Republican Party itself? Your presence, as a conservative, inside the Party is crucial to the survival of this nation.

You now know what to do. If you are willing to spend 13 minutes to learn more about The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy for retaking first our Party and, hence, our government, go here: www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com. Other articles are there along with links to how it’s done in some states.

Will You Remain Outside The Party As The “Powers That Be” Hope?

The current Republican Party leadership in some states do you not want you to know about this or to do this. Why? Because they like the status quo just fine – they like having control of the Party apparatus; they do not want any challengers. And they don’t want you to know that, on average, half these voting slots inside the Party are unfilled. Fill them up with conservatives and, just like that, we’ll have an overwhelming conservative majority inside the Party – because about half of the slots that are filled right now are filled with a conservative.

We Have The Numbers. You Now Have The Knowledge. What Will You Do?

We conservatives have the necessary numbers to take over the Republican Party. Not enough of us came into the Party in the 2010 election cycle to ensure a takeover of the Party leadership in the next few weeks. We have another chance in the coming two years. Will you come into the Party? Will you drag every conservative you know into the Party? Will you then recruit other conservatives to join you? I hope and pray, for the sake of my children, that you will.

Questions? Contact me at coldwarrior1978 at gmail dot com.

Thank you.

P.S. Plus, being a ball player inside the Party is FUN! And you’ll meet great people and you might even suddenly find yourself in a leadership position. Beats sitting in the bleachers and yelling at the ball players.

And, what the heck, this video reminded me of someone:

For Liberty,
ColdWarrior, PC (that’s “precinct committeeman,” not “political child!”)
Conservatives, UNITE! CHANGE the Republican Party and save the world by UNITING INSIDE the Party as precinct committeemen. NOW! (What did YOU DO to help get out the vote in the 2010 election in your precinct?)
American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman BY NECESSITY!

ThePrecinctProject, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.” Where it all started.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

Learn how to Get Out The Vote: The Concord Project.