"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

John 8:32.

JB Williams over at American Thinker hits one out of the park regarding Obama, and the progressives’, clever use of language to obscure truth regarding “the rich” they berate and attack.

The ‘Rich’ Have Another Name: ‘Employers’

The LA Times proudly proclaims, “Obama blasts continued tax cuts for the rich!” But every time you hear leftists refer to “the rich,” remember that “the rich” are also known by these other terms: employers, investors, the self-reliant, self-starters.

Attacking “the rich” is a direct assault on the people who invest and employ. Hate the rich if you must, but don’t force them into poverty or offshore solutions. If you hope to bankrupt the rich, you have only seen the beginning of the economic collapse to come.

From the LA Times article:

President Obama drew a sharp contrast with Republicans Wednesday over what was shaping up as a key issue in the midterm congressional elections: the extension of tax cuts for top earners, which he said were unsustainable.

Obama also drew a sharp contrast with most American citizens. Only 30% of citizens polled agree with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid that employers and investors should be assaulted again by ending Bush tax cuts aimed at promoting economic expansion. On the other hand, 54% say that the Bush tax cuts must remain in place.

According to the LA Times,

… he [Obama] used the debate over Bush-era tax breaks to make a populist pitch, shaping the coming congressional midterm election as a choice between Democrats who support policies to advance the middle class and Republicans who would return to policies that created only “the illusion of prosperity.”

However, generally speaking, a populist statement represents the sentiments of the population, or at least a majority of the population. In this case, Obama’s economic tax plan represents at best only 30% of Americans.

Taxes are not “investments.”

Savings are not achieved for the American people by taxing the American people at greater levels, “wealthy” or not.

Increasing dependency on government programs is not an investment and does not create efficiencies nor somehow save taxpayers money in the long run.

Money does not grow on trees. There is no such thing as “federal government money;” it had to come from someone or somewhere, and it either came from the pockets of Americans or from a printing press.

We must begin calling out progressives on the weasel words they use and their casual habit of redefining words.

In this fight to extend the Bush tax cuts, we must insist, every time a progressive refers to “the rich,” that they acknowledge that they are talking about employers and investors — those who create jobs and invest in expanding companies that create jobs. And make the point that higher taxes on employers and investors will KILL job growth.

Obama said today during his press conference, “Jobs and the economy are our entire agenda.” Yet, of course, raising taxes on employers and investors, “the rich,” kills jobs and the economy.

Let’s not let the progressives have it both ways. Let’s force the truth on them.

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