Obama's Sep. 10 Press Conference -- an opportunity? Shall we scrutinize both Obama and his cowering press toadies -- and more?

President Obama will be without his teleprompter on September 10 when, we’ve been told by CNN, he will hold his next press conference.

This is Obama’s last chance, probably, to “step in it,” unscripted, without a teleprompter, before the Nov. 2 election. Well in advance of it. This provides conservative Republicans an opportunity, no?

Like all of you, I am appalled at the softball questions lobbed to Obama by the so-called journalists of the White House press corps.

I believe the people who write Obama’s teleprompter scripts will have the following strategy for this press conference:

First, have him read the longest possible teleprompter-delivered opening remarks. This burns up time that could otherwise be used to answer questions.

Second, for every question, give the longest answer possible. This limits the number of questions. You may recall the 17-minute, 2,500 word answer to a woman who asked him at a town hall meeting about being overtaxed. Even the Washington Post thought this odd enough to report on: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2010/04/obamas-17-minute-2500-word-res.html

Third, try to call on the “friendliest” members of the press corps. You know, someone like this “hard boiled journalist,” the New York Times’s Jeff Zeleny:

Fourth, anything else they can think of to burn up time so as to limit the number of questions. A power outtage? A fire drill? The White House air space restrictions are being violated?! Run for your lives!!!!

I’m not sure if any of you are inclined to attempt this, but it seems to me many of you have twittering and other social media skills that might be able to create a buzz among the so-called journalists in DC, and, I hope, actual members of the White House press corps, between now and Sep. 10, that they will be viewed as yet again carrying water for “their guy” Obama if they don’t do more than just throw softball questions to him and then accept whatever long-winded answers he gives without any followup. In other words, let them know that many, many in the blogosphere will be poised to write negatively about their timidity, cowardice and lack of journalistic standards.

I don’t know if it’s possible to nudge the White House press corps into actually doing their job a little, but if anyone can it do it, I would think it would be the good people here at Redstate. Also, I see little glimmers that some of the lefty “journalists” are getting a little frustrated with Obama. Over at HotAir there’s a story about Chrissie Matthews advising he-who-causes-tingles to jettison his teleprompter (http://hotair.com/archives/2010/09/02/matthews-say-perhaps-obama-relies-on-the-teleprompter-a-tad-too-much/) with this video

and then there’s one about Bill Plant asking the “where’s Waldo” question (http://hotair.com/archives/2010/09/02/wh-press-corps-wonders-why-obama-has-been-awol-while-dem-numbers-nosedive/):

Maybe we could start a thread at Redstate with a contest to come up with the best combination of hard question and softball question.

And then, during the press conference, maybe run a liveblog with a rating of each question asked and then, at the end, have the participants rate the questions, with a “Redstate award” for the hardest question and a “Journolist award” for the softest softball question.

We could also rate Opuppet’s answers.

Even if this project is not undertaken, I think we should all closely watch Opuppet’s performance and then try to get mileage out of anything that he says that might scare the heck out of voters enough to get them to the polls for the remaining September 14 primaries and the general election.

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