104 days until the general election redux -- what are YOU DOING to Get Out The Vote for conservative Republican candidates?

Some of you may recall that I occasionally advocate here at Redstate that conservatives, who consider themselves “political activists,” actually involve themselves in Republican party politics. A few weeks back, when we were 104 days from Nov. 2, I posted this. Now, we’re at 66 days.

“Party politics” – what does that mean, if anything, to you? To me, it means actually being a “card carrying member” of the Republican Party. Go here to learn more:


So, I humbly offer the following game plan for the next 66 days and beyond. It entails actually leaving your keyboard. Actually calling a candidate’s campaign office. Actually going to your local Republican Party committee meeting. Actually, perhaps, ringing a doorbell or knocking on a neighbor’s door. In your “political neighborhood” — your precinct.

If your primary election has not yet happened, then I gently suggest you work with your favorite candidates to help Get Out The Vote (“GOTV”). Call their campaigns. Volunteer. Do whatever they ask.

GOTV Strategy for after the primary:

I gently suggest we need to do one thing and one thing only in the next 66 days, and that is to get as many conservative Republicans, conservative independents and, to the extent they exist, conservative Democrats, to VOTE! It seems obvious, but it needs to be said: the candidate who gets the most votes in a race on election day wins. Seems obvious. Yet, in the 2008 presidential election, only about 65 per cent of Republican voters bothered to vote. Doh!

So, besides helping to Get Out The Vote in the next 66 days, how do we also strengthen our conservative political “hand,” so to speak, for the future, at the same time? I humbly suggest the way to do that is to work in conjunction with the Republican primary winners’ respective campaigns AND with the Republican Party itself. Get to your local Republican Party legislative district committee meetings and find out what kind of Get Out The Vote (“GOTV”) plans they have. We must, I believe, do this NOW. Early ballots in Arizona, where I live, for example, get mailed out 26 days prior to the Nov. 2 election, in early Oct., so we’ve got far fewer than 66 days to influence potential early voters that they need to get to the polls.

I am a big proponent for actually going door-to-door. (Why? People don’t answer the phone. People don’t read the candidate mailings. People ignore campaign e-mails. But, if you can ring a door bell or knock on a door, you can at least HAND THEM information and let them see a real, live fellow citizen who is doing more than they are doing to save the country. Even if they don’t come to the door, they’ll know “someone” left some literature and, then, maybe they’ll be more likely to read it.) For example, in my precinct, Tempe 59, we have 9 precinct committeemen for 844 registered Republicans, 675 registered Dems, 574 independents, 12 Libertarians and 3 Greens, with a total of 2,108 registered voters.

So, I suggest we need to target the Republicans who didn’t vote in the last general election and all the independents. I know, for example, as mentioned, in 2008, about THIRTY-FIVE per cent of the registered Republicans didn’t vote in the general election. Rounding that to 50 per cent, that means I, and my fellow PCs, will need to hit about 422 Republicans. But that might mean about 300 households, because some of those 422 Republicans live together.

I believe we’ll want to hit ALL the independents. Again, let’s estimate, because some houses have multiple independents and/or one or more Republicans, that we might have to hit about another 300 houses. So, about 600 households to hit. For 9 PCs. So that’s about 66 houses to hit for each of the 9 PCs. That would only take a few hours for each of us. And, when we hit those independents, we’ll try to gauge whether they are conservative-leaning or liberal-leaning. And then update our walking lists. And then hit the conservative independents a second time.

So, in my opinion, you’ve got to get the walking sheets and maps for your precinct. You get the walking sheets either from your legislative district committee officers or, if you’re an elected PC, you can get them from VoterVault. Or, you can get them from your candidates’ campaigns. And, if you live in Maricopa County, Arizona, you can get PC maps and other precinct information at the Maricopa County Recorder’s Elections web site:


If you live in Maricopa County, get to know this site, backwards and forwards! If you don’t, get to know YOUR county’s site.


Next, I suggest we need to ATTACK the Democrat congressional incumbents for NOT HAVING TOWN HALLS and ATTACK the mainstream media for not reporting this failure of the incumbents to carry out their constitutional duties to represent the people.

For example, here’s what I want to do re EVERY incumbent Democrat. (Stay tuned – we’re going to do this where I live – will YOU where YOU live?) We pick a couple of days and DELUGE the incumbent’s OFFICE with phone, in-person and fax requests for an in-district townhall meeting where he comes to LISTEN TO US and answer our questions. We give a deadline for his response.

Of course, he won’t do it.

Now, we have grounds to PICKET his office. We call the media in advance. If they show, we video tape them video taping us. And, we shoot our own video of our protest. Then, when the media ignores us at his office, and do not report the protest, we post all the videos up on YouTube with good search terms so the media and others will find them. We do what we can to make the videos go viral. And we make the point that the media had advance knowledge of the protest, they sent reporters with cameras, and then editors squashed the story.

Assuming the congresscritter, and the media, ignores us, we step it up a notch. Now, we go picket the congresscritter’s HOUSE. Peacefully, silently, but we are in front of HIS HOUSE. And, his residence in DC, if we can pull it off. Again, we invite the media. That morning. If they show up, again, we video tape them as well as ourselves. If they give us news coverage, great. We build on that. If they don’t, then we make their lack of coverage, despite hours of notice, an issue, too.

Then, we go picket the HOMES of the station managers of those TV and radio stations that would not give us news coverage. Again, that morning, we invite all the media. We also do it at the home of the leftist editor of the local newspaper and the leftist political news editors of the TV and radio stations if they don’t cover our protests.

Don’t forget, folks, the mainstream media is part of the progressive Left, too.

So, any comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Criticisms? Have you purchased a FlipVideo digital video camera yet? Have you learned how to upload video to YouTube yet? Remember the Kyl video that went viral? $79 FlipVideo camera. PC with an internet connection. Caused the White House to be embarrassed and off message for days and forced Kyl and McCain to talk about the politics Opuppet has been playing with border security.


So, what are YOU going to DO locally?

For Liberty,
ColdWarrior, PC (that’s “precinct committeeman,” not “political child!”)
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