31.8 per cent PC strength to 57.5 per cent from 2008 to 2010

I did an analysis tonight using the Maricopa County, AZ Recorder’s Over Quota Report and the PC “deemed elected” report. Go here for the two reports: recorder.maricopa.gov/web/candcamp.aspx

According to the “Precinct Committeeman by legislative district” report, we now have, in Maricopa County, the following numbers of PCs:

Rep: 3,135

Dem: 712

Libertarian: 29

On the “Overquota Report,” there’s one precinct with a Dem overage, of three, so they bump up to 715. None for the Libertarians.

The total number of Rep. PCs that will be elected in the “overage” elections will be 458. That means we’ll have 3,593 elected PCs after the primary election!

That means that the Maricopa County Republican Party will have a total of 3,593 elected PCs for its statutory quota of 6,241 (per the Recorder’s office, which verified that number for me a few days ago). That means we’ve gone from 31.8 per cent strength in 2008 to 57.5 per cent strength in 2010! That is ALMOST A DOUBLING and we are now above the 2008 nationwide approximate 50 per cent average!

Compared to the 715 PCs for the Dems, we should “kick ass and take names” in every race in the county provided we Get Out The Vote for Republican candidates in the general election. That should be our focus, obviously, after the primary!!!!!

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