A little imagination by Tea Partiers in Phoenix helps IN A BIG WAY with GOTV for a conservative and gets local TV news coverage (link to video)

I’ve been telling every grass roots conservative I know here in the Phoenix area (and, for that matter, some of the “leaders” of the “national” groups) that they’ve got to get beyond rallies and protests and get involved in Get Out The Vote efforts for whom they believe are the BEST conservative candidates in the Republican Party primaries. Some of the grass roots conservative groups here in the Phoenix area have decided the biggest RINO target is John McCain, so they are focusing raising awareness of John McCain’s pro-amnesty for illegal aliens past and helping McCain’s strongest challenger, J.D. Hayworth.

This morning they pulled off a pretty effective GOTV effort, getting local news coverage as well. Early ballots were mailed out a few days ago (I’ve got mine). 70 per cent of AZ voters vote this way now. And 90 per cent fill out and mail their ballots within a week of having received it.

First, these ORGANIZED and UNITED grass roots conservatives had, during rush hour, a banner behind an airplane, flying above the freeways at angles from which drivers could see it, that said, “JOHN MCCAIN = AMNESTY.” Simultaneously, they had 30 foot long banners that said the same thing at key traffic choke points where drivers would see them.

Prior to this, they alerted the local television news stations. And this morning, I’m told, some of the conservative talk radio stations were inundated with calls about the banners.

Here’s a link to the local Fox News TV coverage (their embed code would not work):


And here’s a great GOTV-focused web site created by one of the tea partiers. Take a few minutes to watch the video on the main page. Then peruse all the practical GOTV strategies and resources. Want to volunteer to help the campaign? It’s there. Want to print out your own flyers to put between doors? They’re there.


It’s a numbers game. Whoever gets the most votes in the primary wins. Kind of obvious, no? These grass roots conservatives, most of whom will tell you, “I’ve never before been involved in politics,” now ARE. Real politics. Party politics. For a real conservative candidate in a Republican Party primary election. They’ve figured out it’s all about who gets the most votes. They use the internet as their tool. To help them get their members into the places the real ball game of politics is played — “in the trenches.” On the street. In the air! And in their “political neighborhoods,” their precincts, with flyers and door hangers, with precinct walking sheets.

Bravo, my conservative friends!

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