The Solution to Political Pollution is Dilution – But, it takes YOU

There’s an old saying in environmental law: “The solution to pollution is dilution.” It applies to politics, too. The solution to political pollution is dilution. We need to dilute the power of the libturds by increasing the number of good, decent, conservative Americans in the real ball game of politics. In that way we can change the outcome of the upcoming elections. We can decrease the pollution of politics by the libturds by increasing the number of good, decent conservative Americans in politics – and by politics, I mean party politics; that is, actually participating INSIDE the Republican Party itself.

Americans, good, decent Americans, who love liberty, have united in common purpose to do incredible things. Win two world wars. Put men on the moon. Liberate Kuwait. And on and on.

But, we good, decent, conservative Americans, who love liberty, have NOT been participating in party politics in sufficient numbers — not even close. Our collective apathy and non-participation in Republican Party politics, INSIDE the Party itself, as voting members of it — as precinct committeemen — has allowed the conservative message of the Republican Party to be diluted and, hence, the American people were offered many “Republican” candidates (like John McCain) who were “Republican In Name Only,” or RINOs. To put things in perspective, HALF these precinct committeeman slots INSIDE the Party, all easy for YOU and ME to fill, were unfilled in the 2008 election cycle, which means the Republican Party went into the 2008 election cycle at HALF STRENGTH! And these slots are CRUCIAL for defining the Party, because ONLY precinct committeemen can vote for the Party leaders, only precinct committeemen can serve on the Party platform committees, only precinct committeemen can participate in formal Party endorsement votes for candidates in primary elections. (This is all explained at my little Precinct Project blog, also linked below.)

You think we can’t beat the conniving libturds who took advantage of our complacency and goodness and faked out some of us good, decent Americans into casting our votes for a presidential candidate, who was nothing more than a teleprompter-reading Nancy-boy, because of our collective generational guilt over slavery? Think again. We CAN beat them — but we must UNITE and ORGANIZE. Have YOU united locally with anyone politically? Have YOU organized locally with anyone politically?

What to we have to DO to beat the libturds? Again, we have to UNITE and ORGANIZE. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? (Why should you listen to me? At one time the U.S. government paid me to study socialists and commies and trained me in how to fight them; I know what they do and how they do it, and, trust me, these people are DANGEROUS – and they now hold the levers of political power in our country and if YOU don’t DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT they will DESTROY this country you love. Period. I’m a West Point grad and former Army HUMINT operator.)

So, let’s get on with the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of it.

Who? YOU, that’s who, and every good, decent American you know. YOU need to ACT and RECRUIT. You need to do what I outline below and recruit every other good, decent conservative American you know to join you.

What? Get involved in Get Out The Vote (“GOTV”) efforts. NOW. Not tomorrow. Now. Today. We have 111 days until Nov. 2. When you have finished reading this in the next couple of minutes, MOVE. Pick up the phone. Get on the net. DO SOMETHING TO ADVANCE THE BALL. Don’t know what to do? I’ll tell you. Find your local Republican Party legislative district or county committee (use the web, use the phone book) and get in touch with them and ask them when their next meeting is and go to it and volunteer to help GOTV for Republican candidates. Or contact a good, decent Republican candidate’s campaign and tell them you want to help them GOTV. If you’ve never done this before, get over it. There’s lots more like you. It’s not rocket science. It’s EASY. There will be people to help you. It’s grunt work (a little bit of door-to-door work, making phone calls, putting up signs, doing mundane back-office filing tasks, etc.), but it ALL matters. Just trust me and get your butt to a Republican committee meeting and to a candidate’s campaign office.

When? Today – get in contact with either the Republican Party locally or a Republican candidate (and, I hope, both), and then devote some time, every day, between now and Nov. 2, to help GOTV – YOUR COUNTRY AS YOU KNOW IT AND HAVE ENJOYED IT HANGS IN THE BALANCE. (I am not an alarmist. I have worked against the intelligence services of the communist bloc countries – and the Opuppet Administration is following communist ideology — they are trying to get away with whatever they can as quickly as they can, now that they enjoy political power, and they are having much success because they do not see the American people UNITING POLITICALLY. They push with spears, so to speak, and where they encounter mush, they keep pushing. If they hit steel, they withdraw and move to somewhere else where their cohorts are encountering mush. So far, since gaining political power here in the U.S., they’ve been encountering mush. Walking around with signs at a “tea party” is “mush;” it is not the same as UNITING POLITICALLY – THAT has to be accomplished INSIDE a political party. If the libturds see thousands and thousands of good, decent Americans flocking into the Republican committee meetings and Republican campaigns to become precinct committeemen and to help GOTV, then the libturds will see that they are beginning to encounter steel and they will stop pushing. Read on.)

Where? Get to your local Republican Party committee meeting, which is held monthly where you live, as soon as possible, and also get to the campaign office of a good, decent Republican candidate, or multiple candidates, and volunteer to do whatever they want you to do to help GOTV for them.

Why? Do I really have to tell you? YOU WILL LOSE YOUR COUNTRY IF YOU DON’T DO THIS. Don’t wait for “George down the street” to do it. YOU need to get off your duff and do this. NOW!

How? I’ve already told you. IF we good, decent, conservative Americans UNITE POLITICALLY INSIDE the Republican Party, and with the campaigns of good, decent conservative Republican candidates, and help get out the vote like never before for them, we will take back the House and the Senate and put the brakes on Opuppet and his libturd cohorts who write his teleprompter speeches.

Go to my little blog below. Read the articles. Watch the 13 minutes of video I have posted there. It tells you EXACTLY what you need to DO.

And watch this video. It explains the responsibilities of citizenship for every American. Have you been carrying out your responsibilities of citizenship? Do you remember learning about the concept of “civic duty” in school? Do you know the name of the precinct in which you live? Its boundaries? Do you know any of the Republican precinct committeemen in it (assuming there are any — as I said, HALF these slots in the Republican Party were unfilled in the 2008 election cycle, which means many political precincts have ZERO Republican Party precinct committeemen).

I hope this helps. If anyone has a better strategy, I’d love to hear it.

Now get to it!

For Liberty,
ColdWarrior, PC (that’s “precinct committeeman,” not “political child!”)
Conservatives, UNITE! CHANGE the Republican Party and save the world by UNITING INSIDE the Party as precinct committeemen. NOW! (111 days until Nov. 2 — what are YOU DOING to help get out the vote in your precinct?)
American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman BY NECESSITY!

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