Let's see if Jon Kyl lives up to his promise about how he'll question Elena Kagan -- roll tape

On June 18, 2010, Sen. Jon Kyl appeared in Phoenix at a town hall style meeting hosted by the North Phoenix Tea Party Group. I reported on my questions and Sen. Kyl’s answer here.

The third subject I asked him about centered on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and went something like this:

Will you actually question Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan about her record? In this wonderful age of the internet, verifiable evidence of her undergraduate thesis and her other writings exists, which many in this audience have already read, which confirm she has embraced leftist thinking and favored socialism. Or at least her writings strongly suggest she once held these views. Do you and the other Republicans on the Senate Judiciary committee have a STRATEGY for actually asking her about her past positions and whether she still believes what she expressed in her writings? Will you commit here, today, to FIGHT on our behalf to keep her off the Supreme Court by, at least, questioning her about her expressed leftist views, knowing full well that she may simply lie to the Committee?

Sen. Kyl said, in part, “It seems to me that during her career [Elena Kagan] has demonstrated that she is very leftist. Now the question is: Will she lay her political views aside when she takes the bench?” The crowd erupted in laughter.

Here’s the video I shot of Sen. Kyl’s answer to my questions about Elena Kagan and the Republican senators’ strategy (the above-quoted statements begin at about the 1:15 mark):

Sen. Kyl promised, “Those are the kinds of things — yes — we will question her about.”

We’ll see.

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