The best kept secret in Washington, D.C.

Who writes Opuppet’s teleprompter scripts?

We know he doesn’t. He can’t possibly have time.

18 hole golfing jaunts take time.

Speechifying itself, in front of the teleprompter, takes time.

Parties at the White House every night he’s there take time.

All those helicopter flights and limo rides to and from Air Force One take time.

All the date nights and the kids’ soccer games and Major League Baseball games and NBA basketball games and putting practice at the White House and pick up basketball games at the White House take time.

So, who are the REAL presidents who are writing the scripts that scroll on Opuppet’s teleprompter screens?

If you want to know who’s really running the Executive Branch, find out who those script writers are. And who’s telling them what to write.

It ain’t our pretend President, Barack Hussein “uh, um, ah, um, uh, ah” Obama. No, he does much, much better when he’s reading words scrolling on a teleprompter.

If you were back in school choosing sides for a game on the friendly fields of strife, would this Nancy-boy “guy” be your first pick?

I’m sure the crack investigative reporters of the Minion Media will get right on it.

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