Republican MSNBC strategy: Maybe there is one!

(Dateline: June 24, 2010, Tempe, Arizona) I just got done watching Chrissie Matthews begging any Republican to come onto his program to discuss whether they would criticize Rush Limbaugh.

I have been advocating to the Republican Party leadership (by faxes to their offices, phone calls to their staff, and face-to-face, multiple times) that they develop a strategy to “leap frog” their message over the “Minion Media” of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC. (With Fox News, the internet, and talk radio, Republicans can bypass the “Minion Media” — gee whiz, Sen. Kyl and Sen. McCain could have made public the Opuppet pronouncements — that Opuppet’s going to allow Americans to die because he won’t secure our southern border, because it will help him pass amnesty for illegal aliens — but they failed. (Or, worse, didn’t even try to get the information out to the American public or, worse yet, didn’t even see the significance of Opuppet’s awful, un-American utterances.) Instead, it took little ol’ me, with my trusty FlipVideo cam, a few keystrokes, and some dedicated Redstate.com activists, to get the word out to the American people — bypassing the Minion Media until they could no longer ignore the news — about the MENDACITY (impeachable offense?) of our Man-child President.)

To start, for example, our courageous Republican “leaders” could pick MSNBC as their target to simply ignore. I’ve told my senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl, face-to-face, multiple times, as two leaders within the Republican Party, that they need to “step up” and attempt a strategy of getting the Republican congressional delegation to ignore the “Lamestream Media” outlets, because the leftist media needs the Republicans as guests on their programs more than the Republicans need to go onto its “news” programs. Both senators have told me, in front of crowds of Republicans, that they will not go on MSNBC programs. Bravo!

I posed this question, among others, to Sen. Kyl last Friday, as I reported here.

While typing this, Chrissie mentioned he really, really, really, really wanted Nikki Haley to come onto his program to play “hardball.” Chrissie is a pathetic Nancy-boy. I wonder if he’s ever been in a fist fight? I doubt it. Steer clear, Nikki. You don’t need him — or the five leftists who tune in to his pathetic little program.

Recall this stellar performance about his insightful book?

He actually said his ridiculous little book was “better than ‘The Prince.'”

Tonight, cutting to commercial, Chrissie again basically said the GOP was pathetic for not criticizing Rush and that Republicans really, really needed to come onto his program. Chrissie is desperate.

It’s sort of like the old hippie saying, “What if they gave a war, and nobody came?” What if Chrissie had a leftist propaganda program on MSNBC, masquerading as a news program, and no Republicans came?

Republican leadership: ignore the pathetic little girlie man Chrissie.

Geez, it gets better. Now Chrissie is finishing his program with a pathetic plea to please, please, please, Republicans, come onto my program. Please!

I’m crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe, the Republican leadership (McConnell, Kyl, McCain, Boehner, Cantor and Steele, to name a few) have closed ranks against Chrissie. As a start.

Now what they need to do with MSNBC: Give Chrissie a contract. IF he will pledge to act like a fair and balanced objective reporter, rather than pretending to play one on television, then, and only then, they will come onto his program.

If he won’t sign, fine. Let him continue to bash Republicans every night. To his pathetic little leftist audience. If he does sign, fine, hold him to the standard in the contract. And, if he fails, make THAT the issue. That strategy creates a “Win, Win.”

Bottom line: Sen. Kyl and Sen. McCain and, according to Sen. McCain, all Republican senators had the same information I had.

I created a media firestorm. Questioning the Man-child President’s motives.

The Republican “leaders” didn’t. Why not?

Because they have no incentive to.

They see no real challenge from the grass roots, precinct committeeman ranks of the Party. Not enough conservatives have become precinct committeemen. Who might UNITE to challenge them in their respective primaries. I aim to change that.

A little bit of time. An $89 FlipVideo camera. A few technical skills. Help from countless internet savvy Redstaters:

Priceless media exposure of the mendacity of this entity 53 per cent of the public thought was worthy to become OUR PRESIDENT!!!????

Again, why didn’t the Republicans do anything with the same information I had? Because there aren’t enough conservatives stepping up in their “political neighborhoods” — their precincts — to TAKE OVER the Republican Party and put pressure on the incumbent Republicans — by threatening them with a conservative challenger in their respective Republican Party primary elections.

I blame conservative Republicans. Not the existing “leadership.” They are acting in their self-interest. When, if you’re a pontificating conservative, but not a “card carrying member of the Republican Party” — a precinct committeeman, will you act in YOUR self-interest? Will you wait until it’s too late?

In my humble opinion.

Questions? Contact me.

For Liberty,
ColdWarrior, PC (that’s “precinct committeeman,” not “political child!”)
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