Sen. Jon Kyl on strategies to fight for our rights against the leftist Dems, Minion Media and Elena Kagan

On June 18, 2010, Sen. Jon Kyl appeared in Phoenix at a town hall style meeting hosted by the North Phoenix Tea Party Group. I was impressed by several things. First, Sen. Kyl limited his opening remarks to five minutes and did not tell the attendees anything they did not already know. Second, for almost an hour and half, he answered all questions posed by the hosts and audience members. Third, he was polite, gracious and professional. Fourth, he acknowledged in his opening remarks that he worked for the people of Arizona and was there to listen. Fifth, he had staff members with him to assist constituents with any personal issues or questions they might have.

I was able to ask him a question along these lines:

I am a veteran, a husband and a father, and I refuse to allow my children to live under socialism. And I think that sentiment is held by everyone in this audience. We are passionately fighting as best we can to stop the Obama socialist agenda by getting involved in party politics as best we can. And, we aim to change the Congress.

You said in your opening remarks that you work for us, and you do. Some of us here realize that you are merely our representative, and that you rank below us, the sovereign citizens. We, the sovereign citizens, hold more power than do you, and we think some of you in Congress have forgotten that. We not only want you to work for us, we want you to FIGHT for us, and we see very little in the way of PASSIONATE fighting from the Republicans in the Senate and in the House.

First, in response to an earlier question, you said that you would do “everything” do derail the coming bad legislation from the Democrats between now and Nov. 2. Will you commit, today, to invoke EVERY POSSIBLE Senate Standing Rule to derail their legislation — will you FIGHT for our individual rights? For example, John McCain said a week or so ago at town hall meeting here that he believed “Cap & Tax” is dead between now and Nov. 2, but we now learn that Obama and the Democrats may try to pass it during a lame duck session. Will you put up the kind of fight as depicted in the movie “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” as to any attempt to pass “Cap & Tax” and the rest of the very bad Dem legislation coming down the pike? Do you, as the minority whip, and Sen. McConnell, the leader, and Sen. McCain, a leader by virtue of having been our Party’s presidential nominee, have a STRATEGY to defeat every bad piece of legislation offered by the Dems between now and Nov. 2? For example, will you publicly challenge the Democrat Party incumbents to publicly pledge, in writing, to not attempt to pass “Cap & Tax” during a lame duck session?

Second, the “Mainstream Media” is biased against the Republican Party — do you and your Republican colleagues have ANY STRATEGY for defeating the Mainstream Media, which is, essentially, part and parcel of our enemies of liberty, the progressive Left and the Democrat Party? For example, have you considered making the BIAS of the Mainstream Media the issue, rather than conservative Republican positions the issue? Have you ANY strategy for turning the tables on them? For example, have you considered targeting one of them, like MSNBC, by simply refusing to go on its “news” programs unless, and until, each MSNBC host signs a piece of paper pledging to be “fair, balanced and objective journalists,” rather than just playing them on television?

Third, will you actually question Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan about her record? In this wonderful age of the internet, verifiable evidence of her undergraduate thesis and her other writings exists, which many in this audience have already read, which confirm she has embraced leftist thinking and favored socialism. Or at least her writings strongly suggest she once held these views. Do you and the other Republicans on the Senate Judiciary committee have a STRATEGY for actually asking her about her past positions and whether she still believes what she expressed in her writings? Will you commit here, today, to FIGHT on our behalf to keep her off the Supreme Court by, at least, questioning her about her expressed leftist views, knowing full well that she may simply lie to the Committee?

Here’s the video I recorded of Sen. Kyl’s response:

In the coming weeks and months, let’s keep close tabs on our Republican “Lions of the Senate” to see how much fight they display, and what kinds of strategies they carry out, on behalf of “we the people” against the leftist Dems trying to snuff out our liberties.

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