New York Slime: "But the president needs to tell them the truth — that without more spending the economy could remain weak for a very long time."

June 13, 2010. Opuppet and those who write his teleprompter scripts are even losing the geniuses at the editorial board of the New York Slime.

Even though money doesn’t grow on trees, even though no government has ever spent its way to prosperity, even though the United Soviet SOCIALIST Republics all FAILED, the geniuses at the New York Times editorial board believe that the federal government can create wealth by taking it OUT of the economy and squandering it on whatever pet, wasteful projects the Opuppet Administration can think of, while, of course, the federal government takes about 30 per cent off the top of those taxes for the unproductive federal bureaucrats who will “administer” the wasteful programs.

Moreover, where are all those “shovel-ready” jobs?

I don’t regularly read the New York Slime, and this editorial reinforced why: there’s just so much stupidity in it.

Unless Mr. Obama says it, no other politician will. Just the other day, the House passed an unemployment benefits extension from which Democrats, not Republicans, had stripped vital measures that would have helped lots of Americans, but did not close a tax loophole for billionaires.

Yes, more deficit spending for unemployment benefits and take more money out of the economy, from the “rich,” and give it to that oh-so-efficient federal government that will spend it so wisely. That’s the ticket. That’ll get the economy moving again. Wasn’t that what the so-called “stimulus bill” was all about?

He has faced a stone wall of Republican opposition. And Mr. Obama has had real successes. He won a stimulus bill that helped avert a depression; he got a historic health care reform through Congress; the bitter memory of Mr. Bush’s presidency is fading around the world.

Yes, that minority party, which really couldn’t block a thing until Scott Brown joined the Senate, sure did mess things up for those wonderful Debtocrats. Yes, that wasteful “stimulus” sure has worked. Yes, that “health care reform” bill sure will make things better. Yes, the “bitter memory of Mr. Bush’s presidency is fading” as North Korea sinks South Korean ships and threatens war, as Iran threatens Israel and kills and tortures all who yearn for freedom, and as Chavez mocks our Secretary of State, just to mention a few examples of progress under Opuppet and those who write his teleprompter speeches.

Did you know our prissy little Man Child president went golfing again today?

But the most interesting thing in the comes at the end, where they actually question Opuppet’s competence and leadership:

It certainly should not have taken days for Mr. Obama to get publicly involved in the oil spill, or even longer for his administration to start putting the heat on BP for its inadequate response and failure to inform the public about the size of the spill. (Each day, it seems, brings new revelations about the scope of the disaster.) It took too long for Mr. Obama to say that the Coast Guard and not BP was in charge of operations in the gulf and it’s still not clear that is true.

He should not have hesitated to suspend the expanded oil drilling program and he should have moved a lot faster to begin political and criminal investigations of the spill. If BP was withholding information, failing to cooperate or not providing the ships needed to process the oil now flowing to the surface, he should have told the American people and the world.

These are matters of competence and leadership. This is a time for Mr. Obama to decisively show both.

Opuppet is even losing the fools on the editorial board at the New York Slime.

That is a good sign.

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