Victoria Jackson: Christians have civic duties too, no?

Comedienne and actress Victoria Jackson has explained in a wonderful column at Big Hollywood that a huge slew of potentially conservative voters, who need to help Get Out The Vote in the remaining primaries and on Nov. 2 for good, decent constitutional conservative candidates, exists in the church pews of America (and, in the synagogues, although Ms. Jackson’s article focused on Christians) — the Christians who believe that politics is for the non-religious only.

[S]how up at a Tea Party with Ephesians 6:12 on your poster. Call your Congressman and pray for them on the phone. Teach your children about the founding fathers and basic civics. Read the Constitution with them. Tell your Representative # 202-224-2131 that abortion is murder, and you don’t want your taxes funding it. Tell Reid, Pelosi and Boxer that you don’t want the government deciding whether or not you get chemotherapy when you have cancer. Support Sekulow and ACLJ. Call the FCC Complaint Line # 888-225-5322, press 1-3-0 to speak to someone. Tell them you want to keep your Freedom of Speech, and your Conservative and Christian radio. Call Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd, # 202-418-7390 and tell him that “diversity” means Christians and Conservatives are allowed to speak too. Contact the Media Research Center’s Free Speech Alliance. Watch Glenn Beck and Hannity. Compare them to Joy Behar and CNN. Who is lying? Seek the truth. I know we don’t have time. We are raising families and going to work and soccer games and church.

I’d add to that: Find your local GOP committee and tell them you want to volunteer to help Get Out The Vote. Tell them you want to become a voting member of the Republican Party — a precinct committeemen — and ask them to tell you how you can become one (see my little blog linked below).

I believe each of us should approach our respective pastors/rabbis/etc. and ask them if they have “taken the temperature” of their flock regarding their civic duties as well as their religious duties. The civic duty, for example, to VOTE intelligently. The civic duty to make oneself available for jury duty by registering to vote. The civic duty to stay reasonably informed on the issues of the day so that we don’t elect fascists and closet commies. Etc.

I’ll be talking to mine.

For Liberty,
ColdWarrior, PC (that’s “precinct committeeman,” not “political child!”)
Conservatives, UNITE! CHANGE the Republican Party and save the world by UNITING INSIDE the Party as precinct committeemen. NOW! (144 days until Nov. 2 — what are YOU DOING to help get out the vote in your precinct?)
American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman BY NECESSITY!

ThePrecinctProject, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.”

“[Primary e]lections have consequences, my friends.” — John McCain