NYT confirms Obama is Empty Suit Puppet; Emanuel Gives Americans GOTV Strategy to Destroy Dems

Obama’s “Empty Suit-ness”

Matt Bai pulls back the curtain to reveal that President Obama is a mere puppet whose strings are pulled by those who write the scripts that scroll on his teleprompter. In Bai’s June 7, 2010 article, “Democrat in Chief?”, we learn the following:

Obama is NOT in charge of the Democratic Party.

[H]e is a genuine outsider who spends a fair amount of energy reassuring Democrats that he really does care about the organization.

In fact, Obama seems to have outsourced much of the traditional party-leadership role to Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden, the two principal Washington insiders in his administration, both of whom seem better suited to the role.

Obama is NOT in charge of the Get Out The Vote (“GOTV”) strategy of the Democrat Party.

Unlike Clinton, who loved the game of politics almost as much as the governance, Obama doesn’t pore over polling data or study the shaded zones on electoral maps. For that he has Emanuel, his chief of staff, who was the chief strategist behind the Democratic takeover of the House in 2006 and who knows as much about the individual Congressional districts in play as any operative in town.

Obama does NOT run the show when meeting with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party leaders in Congress but, rather, Axelrod and other “advisors” do.

This frustration among Democrats was bound to find an outlet, and that’s what happened at a meeting in Nancy Pelosi’s conference room at the end of April to discuss the party’s election-year message. Around three sides of the table were close to a dozen Democratic leaders in the House. On the remaining side sat David Axelrod, the president’s senior adviser and message-molder, along with two other White House operatives: Jim Messina, the deputy chief of staff, and Stephanie Cutter, a senior aide to the president.

Obama did not even really run his campaign:

Obama did his door-to-door campaigning as a community organizer, but he never worked in party politics until he ran for office, and as a presidential aspirant he never bothered with trying to remake his party or modernize its message in the same way that Reagan (a spokesman for the conservative movement) or Clinton (a leader of the centrist New Democrats) did. Other than to assert (dubiously, perhaps) that he wasn’t a “triangulator” like the Clintons, Obama did not run against the party establishment, as other candidates had before, but with indifference toward it.

Rather, as he has stated, some royal “we” ran it — watch the video here.

Read Bai’s entire article if you can, and while doing so, ask yourself who in the Obama presidential campaign, and now in the Obama Administration, seems to be in charge — Obama (who I like to call Opuppet) or others?

Perhaps the best description of Opuppet’s “empty suit-ness” is when Bai discusses the notion that Obama is not a leader but a “brand.” When reading Bai’s concluding paragraph, when the reference is made to Opuppet’s “brand,” think of Opuppet’s “empty suit-ness” instead:

Obama seems to exist on a separate plane from his party’s other elected leaders, somehow deflecting much of the anti-Washington fervor that threatens to dispatch the rest of them. This is probably not only because voters see him as a more inspiring leader than Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, but also because they don’t see him as a party leader at all, at least in the traditional sense. It’s not simply how Obama came to govern that creates this impression. It’s also a simple matter of who he is. Whatever you may think of Obama’s policies or his politics, after all, his brand represents — by the very nature of his age, his life story and the color of his skin — a subversive force inside the governing establishment, and that’s his advantage in this tea-party moment. Washington is, in fact, broken — or at least most people believe it is, even if Obama stops saying so in his speeches. Voters may yet see Obama, in the years ahead, as disappointing or transformative or neither. But the one thing he will never really embody is the status quo.

“But the one thing he will never really embody is the status quo.” Which begs the question, “What role, exactly, does Opuppet embody?”

Emanuel’s Gift To Conservatives

Rahm Emanuel unwittingly provides in the article the Democrat Party’s misguided strategy for GOTV and, by so doing, gives conservative Americans a blue print for getting out the conservative vote.

Here’s the meat for conservative Americans’ GOTV efforts.

If the president isn’t going to be his party’s chief strategist or its most prolific fund-raiser, then aides say there are two things he will do for his party that are, ultimately, more important — and that are, not coincidentally, in keeping with the brand. The first is to remind voters that Democrats didn’t create the current economic morass. As Rahm Emanuel told me when we sat down in April, “The American people know overwhelmingly that he inherited a” — and here Emanuel used a word I can’t repeat — “sandwich.” (Suffice it to say the sandwich wasn’t pastrami.) “They know that. They don’t need to be educated. I believe it’s worth reminding them of the scale, size and scope of the” — that word again — “sandwich we got.

Emanuel doesn’t even realize he just told us what we have to do: we have to educated the American people that Opuppet and those writing his teleprompter speeches made the crap sandwich much, much bigger. The American people DO need to be educated — about how Opuppet piled more crap (Obamacare, debt, TARP, “stimulus,” cash for clunkers, cutting off water to California growers, failure to fix Gulf leak, failure to bolster our allies, failure to stop Iran and North Korea, failure to stand up to the idiot in Venezuela, etc., etc., etc.) onto the sandwich. We DO need to remind the American people explicitly about the scale, size and scope of the crap sandwich Opuppet and the Dem Congress have created with their deficit spending and the ridiculous socialize medicine law that will kill people.

Bottom line: Opuppet made America’s problems GET WORSE.

Opuppet: From Bad to WORSE.

“Ultimately,” Emanuel went on, “everything about politics — everything, everything — is about choice. The choice is not about what we did versus the ideal. The choice is about what we did versus what we inherited. We inherited George Bush’s Great Recession, and we broke its back.” Emanuel is fond of talking about breaking the body parts of things — backs, necks, etc. “We inherited the financial ruins of Wall Street, and we fixed them. We inherited a country in the worst fiscal condition it has ever been in, and we are in the beginning stages of finding a consensus to turn that around. But the option of going back is not an option, and we’re in the early stages of digging out of the ditch we got handed.”

Emanuel is right — we can use the imagery of Opuppet driving the country into a ditch. A deep ditch. If we keep the Dem Congress behind the wheel, and Opuppet in the passenger seat, we’ll go deeper into the ditch and never get back to the highway. But we can at least start to get out of the ditch by changing the driver, Congress. By putting Republicans in charge of the wheel, and the accelerator, and the shifter, we can shift into reverse and back out of the ditch, with Opuppet along for the ride.

Emanuel said that Obama would continue to spend a block of every month on the road, as he has since January, when voters in Massachusetts elected Scott Brown, a Republican, to what had been Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate. “We’re getting him out of here, out of Washington,” he said. “I want him less here and more in the country, and when he’s out in the country, more in touch with people.”

We can use this — “Opuppet is in constant campaign mode — he’s never behind his desk in the Oval office doing the people’s work. He’s never minding the store. He’s always on the golf course, he’s always going out to dinner and for hot dogs and flying in chefs and holding all-night parties — Obama NEVER DOES ANY WORK.

The second thing Obama can do for Democrats, in the view of the White House, is to change the way they run their campaigns. Democrats running for the House and the Senate, like the party’s presidential candidates, have generally relied almost exclusively on the unions and other constituency groups to get out the vote, using paid phone banks and door-knockers.

Bingo. Phone banks and door-knockers. We need to get every grass roots conservative (Tea Partier, 9.12-er, As-A-Mom-er, TCUnation-er, Redstater, WeSurroundThem-er, VFW-er, Legionnaire, SmartGirlPolitics-er, TeamSarah-er, etc., etc., etc.) to become a phone banker and door-knocker. And, get them to MEET WITH their local GOP committee contingent to coordinate efforts — the GOP can get them the walking sheets and phone lists they’ll need to go door to door. (Here in AZ, for example, as I’ve mentioned before, are two examples of grass roots organizations designed to get out the vote which could go national if simply just duplicated for every state and locality: www.wethepeopleaz.com (get out the conservative independent and conservative Democrat vote through e-mails) and www.myvotetote.com (get out the conservative vote the old-fashioned way of walking precincts in your neighborhood).

Starting out, Obama didn’t have that option. His party’s existing organizational structure was largely beholden to Hillary Clinton through the 2008 primaries, so Obama recruited an army of volunteers, many of them previously uninvolved in any kind of party politics, who ended up organizing blocks and precincts in their towns, lobbying neighbors door to door on Obama’s behalf and squeezing out the vote on Election Day.

Bingo. “an army of volunteers, many of them previously uninvolved in any kind of party politics [same as virtually all of our conservative grass roots “tea partiers”], who ended up organizing blocks and precincts in their towns [EXACTLY what we have to do locally all across America], lobbying neighbors door to door on Obama’s behalf and squeezing out the vote on Election Day. [this is EXACTLY what we have to get every energized grass roots person to do — STOP going to rallies and protests and PIVOT into organizing locally, NOW, for GOTV efforts in their neighborhood. NOW because in some states primary ballots are still being mailed out and we’ve only got 144 more days until Nov. 2.]

It was, in effect, much like the volunteer-driven network employed by Bush’s campaign in 2004, although less centralized and more Internet-focused.

Obama emerged from the campaign having assembled what was essentially an alternative apparatus to the party itself — a closely guarded, state-by-state list of more than 10 million names, many of them door-knockers, phone-bankers, letter-writers and small-dollar donors. This network, loyal to the president but not necessarily to his party, helped Obama amass upward of $300 million for the general election and registered millions of new voters for him. The shorthand for all this, in Obama’s orbit, is “the new politics,” meaning that what Obama created is the replacement for the special-interest politics of the last century. The new politics are tactical, encompassing no specific ideological agenda, although most of the more ardent adherents tend to consider themselves more liberal than the party establishment. Obama’s advisers say they believe they can, at least in some measure, bequeath the new politics to the party itself. And their message to Congressional Democrats running this year is that if they don’t adopt the tactics of the Obama campaign, they’re probably going to lose.

This is where the leftists will sputter out of existence. They can’t drop their facade and allow their leftism/socialism/progressivism/collectivism to be exposed because most Americans will run from it. We conservatives, on the other hand, have good, decent ideas and we can expose the truth about what we believe, because it’s what our Founding Fathers believed. And this is why we need to UNITE all conservatives in the various groups mentioned above in the Republican Party as much as possible so we can build it into a political juggernaut for the 2010 and 2012 election cycles so we can drive a stake through the heart of the progressive monster once and for all.

For Liberty,
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