David Brooks: Why didn't you tell Ben to become a precinct committeeman?

The latest from “I’ll look down my nose at ya” David Brooks.

Brooks’s mythical everyman Ben is just too darn stupid, apparently, to be involved in party politics.

And Brooks ain’t about to tell him that if he would just get to his local Republican Party committee meeting to become a “card carrying member” of the Republican Party, along with thousands of others who think like him, maybe, just maybe, he could actually have a voice WITHIN the Republican Party, rather than waiting for the “powers that be” to fix things.

Ya know, little powers like actually having a vote on who gets to run the Party.

And how to get the vote out in the primary for the BEST conservative candidates.

Ya know, like they did it in Utah to deny RINO Bob Bennett a place on the primary ballot.

Ya know, little things like that.

So, why doesn’t Brooks talk about such things? Is it because he knows nothing of it? Or that he does, and he chooses not to inform the “unwashed masses” like Ben how they could empower themselves?

I like the mythical Ben Brooks has conjured up. But Brooks’s Ben just votes. Brooks would have better served Ben if he had told him that he needed to do something more than just vote.

That he needed to at least find out where his local GOP committee met. And to go to a meeting. At least one.

And find out what precinct he lived in.

And find out who the precinct committeemen in his precinct were (assuming they exist, as fully one third of the precincts, for example, in Arizona, have ZERO precinct committeemen, and HALF the precinct committeemen slots nationwide, for example, in the Republican Party are VACANT).

That he needed to know who his state legislators were. And needed to call them occasionally.

And needed to know who his county board members were. And city council members. And school board members. And maybe get to one of those board and council meetings once in a while.

Note that nowhere in Brooks’s article appear the words “we the people.” Or “precinct committeemen.” Or “local party politics.” Or “unite inside the Republican Party.”

No, Brooks wants “the little people” like his mythical Ben to stay in the dark and rely upon the elites like Brooks to provide him with the “right” candidates to vote for.

Gosh, that David Brooks is soooo smart.

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