What's the [precinct committeeman] count?

As you may know, I’ve been banging the drum here at Redstate (and elsewhere) for almost a year and half to get conservatives to get into the Republican Party as precinct committeemen.

Thankfully, many of you have taken the necessary steps — you’ve found your local GOP committee meeting, have gone to the meetings, and have done what’s necessary in your state to become a “card carrying member” of the Republican Party — or you’ve become a regular Party volunteer in some other capacity. Bravo!

Well, I think the time has come to do a tally. Every time I see our Maricopa County Republican Party Executive Director Tom Husband, who’s job it is to keep track of the strength of the Party in terms of the number of precinct committeemen we have, the first words out of my mouth, after a pleasant greeting, are, “What’s the count?” He knows I mean, “How many precinct committeemen do we have now?”

So, fellow Redstaters, if you are so inclined, would you mind responding to my question, “What’s the count?”

Just reply here, letting us know whether you’re a precinct committeeman, along with your county and state. Perhaps your state organizes committees at the lowest level in a different way than here in Arizona — we do it based on Legislative Districts from which our state senators and representatives are elected.

So, for me, I’m a Precinct Committeeman, Legislative District 17, Maricopa County, Arizona.

And, if for whatever reason you can’t be a PC (due to your job (perhaps you’re active duty military) or for some other reason, but you have become a regular Republican Party local committee volunteer in some other capacity, please let us know. Others want to get involved, and you might help someone see a way to participate in party politics.

So, fellow Redstaters, what’s the count?

Thank you.
Precinct Committeeman, Legislative District 17, Maricopa County, Arizona

Conservatives, UNITE! Become Republican precinct committeemen and CHANGE the Party and the World! NOW!
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www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.”

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