Ode to a "high and mighty" Independent

My dad used to say, “You can attract more bees with a drop of honey than all the vinegar in the world.” Damn, I wish I had followed that advice more often. I’m going to try to do so here. That’s why I won’t name names.

Someone posted here at Redstate recently, “Right now, independents appear to be increasingly disenchanted with the Dem’s job since 2006 and yet, what concerns me about getting too complacent that Republicans will benefit is that the Republican numbers are not rising that much. Steady may win the race, but only by default by the other side.

“And I wouldn’t underestimate the Democrat thugs after Obamacare…

“I’m an independent who cheered for each electoral GOP victory and supported Republicans at every turn – it was like a dream to see the Dems crushed in 2004.”

. . .

“Instead of a historic continuation of the Reagan revolution I watched a Republican majority toss most conservative fiscal principles and leave some dirty footprints on the idea of limited Government and utterly destroy the GOP brand.”

“I watched.”

That’s the problem. This person sounds like a good conservative. But he “watched.” As a freaking “independent,” no less. We can’t watch anymore. We have to ACT.

He went on to explain, “That’s how you get an inexperienced 1st term Senator with known radicalism in his background and NO executive experience in the White House in 2008. That year, America DID toss the bums out and replaced them with psychopaths.”

No. You’re “watching” is to blame. Some of us were in the ball game of politics. YOU weren’t. Your INACTION is what got us Barack Obama. Again, YOUR INACTION IS TO BLAME.

This person went on to explain he “revere[s] the constitution and . . . want[s] limited Govt and to be left alone.” But what, pray tell, has this person DONE ABOUT IT. Wishing for something and making it happen are two entirely different things, no? Again, YOUR INACTION IS TO BLAME.

This person goes on to explain, “Now republicans are in the nasty position of trying to convince people like me that they are now ‘good conservatives’ instead of Bush ‘conservatives’, and that is, I believe, a big part of the skepticism reflected in the steady but flat GOP line in that graph.”

Actually, people “like” you NEED TO GET INTO THE REAL BALL GAME OF POLITICS AND DO SOMETHING rather than come here and tell “republicans” what to DO. What, pray tell, are YOU DOING?????

Then, I had to laugh, when this person chastised the “less politically active” of his brethren: “To the less politically active independents who only sorta follow this stuff, there is no distinction between ‘good’ republicans and ‘bad’, there is only the sinking feeling that we can’t trust either party to actually represent American values and that we’re out of options. Thus, the Tea Party… and the risks inherent with the rise of a third party a la Perot.”

What, exactly, is “less politically active” than someone who comes to Redstate.com to spout off about the “republicans” and has stated unequivocally that he is a high and mighty “independent” (which means they can’t figure out the difference between the 2008 Republican Party Platform and the 2008 Democrat Party Platform).

More inanity:

“I’d LOVE to be able to believe and trust in one party and register as such, and I pray that the Republicans can sell their renewed commitment to core principles. It will take principled voting and savvy marketing and PR to pull it off… along with the Dem’s continued disregard for unfavorable polling data as they march onward with their progressive agenda stuffing tactics.”

This New Jersey person goes on to say, “What I hope happens is that national level R’s like DeMint and others communicate this R revival and connect with voters – and that RINO’s discover that getting electoral dominance for the GOP is not about watering down principles and being Dem-lite…it’s about being better at getting the message across that R’s stand for the majority of American’s core values and that they can be trusted to STICK to their principles in this battle with progressives (especially within the GOP).”

He “hopes.” He won’t DO.

And this person goes on, and on, and on with advice for the “republicans.” As if posting it here on Redstate, along with his “independent” status, is going to accomplish anything.

These kinds of people are well-intentioned, but they need to be grabbed by both shoulders and shook hard: GET INTO THE REAL BALL GAME OF POLITICS AND CHANGE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FROM WITHIN — SHOUTING FROM THE BLEACHERS DOESN’T CUT IT.

I’m a precinct committeeman. I’m on my county’s GOP Executive Guidance Committee. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. It makes a difference.

Are you making a difference where it matters?

Thank you.
American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman BY NECESSITY!

www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.”

“[Primary e]lections have consequences, my friends.” — John McCain