Whew! Just finished getting my signatures to stand for election as a PC.

I am just worn out. Soaking in sweat. I really wore out the shoe leather. And my vocal cords are sore from all that talking, not to mention my fingers sore from pushing door bells and my knuckles sore from rapping on doors.

No, not really.

It took me 45 minutes to get the 15 signatures I needed for my Nomination Petition. (Actually, only 10 are needed — the Party tells everyone to get an extra five; in some precincts, depending on its population, fewer signatures than 10 are necessary.) Got to meet a few of my Republican neighbors and also got the signatures of a few Republican neighbors I already know. With the precinct “walking sheet” I had printed off Voter Vault (took a few mouse clicks), along with a precinct map, it was easy to identify the houses that had Republicans who voted in all four of the last four elections — those are the kind of Republicans who take their voting responsibility very seriously and are likely to sign your nomination petition. No one turned me down.

That’s how hard it is to qualify to become an elected PC in Arizona. Now, at our next monthly GOP Legislative District meeting next week, those of us who already have our signatures will have our Nomination Petitions notarized and then the District leaders will turn them in to the Board of Elections along with a one page Affidavit of Qualification to run for Precinct Committeeman. Our elected leadership has arranged for several notaries to be at the meeting to make things a little easier for all of us running the the PC positions.

Assuming I get elected again, as a PC I’ll be able to vote for the Party leadership. I’ll also be eligible to run for Party leadership positions. I will also be eligible to be elected as a delegate to the Arizona Republican Party annual meeting where those leader positions will be determined by the delegates. Two years ago, I ran unopposed, as only four of the 8 slots in my precinct were filled. Now, all 8 are filled and it’s possible, if additional Republicans run, that I won’t get re-elected. No matter. I’ll still attend the monthly meetings, as they are open to the public and usually one or more candidates will show up to explain why we should support their campaigns.

Two forms. Forty-five minutes of targeted door-knocking. Notarizations and other logistical support supplied by the Party. That’s how hard it is to become a “card carrying member” of the Republican Party in Arizona making one eligible to vote for the Party leadership.

Thought you’d like to know.

Thank you.
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