The Republican Party: Fighting with half its brains tied behind its back

I keep reading here at Redstate many grandiose “strategies” for righting our ship of state. “The GOP needs to do X.” “The GOP needs to do Y.” “We need to elect more conservatives.” Uh, yeah.

Here’s a simple fact. In the 2008 election cycle, the Republican Party was fighting at half-strength, because on average, across the country, half of the grass roots membership slots in the Party, the precinct committeemen (“PC”) slots, were VACANT. In other words, HALF of the Party’s collective brains — which could have been conservative brains — were missing! Imagine if all of those PC slots had been filled with CONSERVATIVES — CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES like those found here at Redstate. Imagine: throngs of conservatives, not RINOs, with a UNITED majority WITHIN the Party. Not outside it, in the bleachers. But on the actual ball field. Making plays. IN the Party.

In the 2008 election cycle, had that happy circumstance existed, do you think, maybe, we would have had better ideas put forward in the press by the more conservative leaders of the Party? Do you think, maybe, we would have, just maybe, ended up with a better, ACTUAL conservative nominee? Do you think, maybe, just maybe, we would have ended up having elected a more CONSERVATIVE RNC Chairman? (Precinct committeemen, by the way, are the ONLY “members” of the Party who can vote for the Party leadership. If you are a “mere” registered Republican, sorry to pop your bubble, but you did not have any say in who became the Party leaders through the internal Party leadership elections. Again, sorry to pop your bubble, but if you are only just a registered Republican, you are not “in” the Party as a ball player — if you attend a local GOP meeting, you will not be allowed to participate in any role other than as a spectator — only precinct committeemen are allowed to participate in internal Party affairs. Want to be a ball player? Then get out of the bleachers and into the ball game — become a precinct committeeman.)

I submit that if we conservatives want to achieve anything, including the repeal of the monstrous Obamacare socialized medicine scheme, we FIRST have to take control of the Republican Party. I haven’t an inkling as to how many Redstaters we have here who are eligible to become Republican Party precinct committeemen, but I would hope and pray that all who are will “walk the walk” and, immediately, take steps to become actual “card carrying members” of the Republican Party. And drag every conservative they know to their local GOP meeting.

This we must do, in my humble opinion. We conservatives ceded the ball field for decades to those Republicans In Name Only who wanted to “do something” so that the Democrats wouldn’t call them bad names. We are in a political war, in case you haven’t noticed. We need troops on the front lines in the infantry. Precinct committeemen. Becoming one should be the paramount goal of every conservative who fancies himself a “political activist.” As I said here once before, “If you ain’t Airborne, you ain’t s**t.”

Without first taking back the Republican Party, in my opinion, all these grandiose plans are just that — grandiose. (By the way, everyone’s got an excuse. I think I’ve heard them all by now. “I’ve got kids” (All the more reason to become a PC!) “My personality would be a bad fit.” (Please — get over yourself.) “I can do more with my blogging.” (Yeah, right. Even if that’s true, we still need you for a couple of hours a month to show up — because we need your vote in the leadership elections.) “I’m just too busy.” (We all are — how much is your liberty worth to you? Jeesh!).)

If you are not already a PC, I know you’re interested in performing this civic DUTY. (Aren’t you? See the link below for more info.

Thank you.
No More Scozzafavas!
Become a Republican precinct committeeman. NOW!


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www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com, so you can say, “I became a precinct committeeman before it was cool.”

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